BMW M2 got the engine from older brothers

The S55 engine, which is used in the BMW M3 / M4, was installed in a compact BMW M2 by Lightweight Performance specialists.

As a result of installing a more powerful engine, changing turbochargers, improving air intakes, a new exhaust system, the BMW M2 will be able to offer impressive performance. Tuners had to slightly reduce the power and torque of the power unit, which is capable of producing up to 621 hp. and 767 Nm. Lightweight Performance specialists did this after the first test drives, when they saw that there was too much power. The final version offers up to 598 hp. and 737 Nm.

In addition, the car offers a new limited slip differential, a carbon-ceramic braking system, a M4 GTS instrument panel, carbon components of the body and interior, sports seats and a safety cage. Complement the package 19-inch wheels with tires Michelin Cup2.