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Huge convertible mnogolitrovym V8 – one of the symbols of a four-America of the last century. Beginning in the late 1970s antikabrioletnaya campaign unleashed by the US Department of Transportation, nearly destroyed this subspecies personal luxury car. Fans zapreschenki were forced to turn to independent Bodybuilding. Introduction to the sanctions product – Lincoln Continental Mark V.


G od ago I was able to get acquainted with the coupe Continental Mark I V – all the moans and groans about the size, scope and kilograms of chromium in the external decoration of my already over. Now you can easily compare dvuhdverki and evaluate the results of the evolutionary process.

Despite the outward similarity with the previous generation, in the Mark V modest detail. Brilliant decorations became an order of magnitude less. The front bumper is still shining chrome, but the fangs “were narrowed,” and more concise form is not making him look like a battering ram gun.


Vertical Turning protruding from the wings, chrome Veins lost, now it is the prerogative of the rear lights. “Gills” on the wings of perhaps the only really new element exterior favorably distinguishes Mark V from its predecessor.

designer’s hand did not dare go up to the eternal values ​​- on the ground remains a massive grille with a tuft sticking “the Lincoln” logo and blind plugs lamps with Continental logo.

These elements will lose Mark only in 1984 with the arrival of the seventh generation. It will not go away and family vyshtampovka “spare wheel” on the trunk, leading their ancestry to the mid-1950s.

Body Dove Grey color with contrasting red stripe on the sides – the prerogative of the designer Cartier series. In this specification Mark V was available only in 1977. But the special status of the model first owner was not enough, and he sent to Lincoln Road surgeons, depriving metal roof coupe. This operation increased the price of source code almost doubled, but the status of the model at the same time raised to the level unattainable for competitors.


Echoing the exterior, the interior Mark V copies the predecessor. Why look for other targets, where chairs, upholstered leather excellent in body color, so amazingly comfortable and on the dashboard on you look a Cartier watch? The front panel is still trimmed fashionable while wood paneling and helpfully turned towards the protagonist.


Options on the American tradition of big set. It is necessary to take the door handle, as the larva of the castle is illuminated interior lighting. There is even a modern analogue function Follow me home, and the possibility of automatic switching beam to the far.

For music meets authentic tape recorder 8 Track format. All configurable large metal fittings, nice a cooling fingers. tent management is also electrified, and all operations for the removal of the roof occupy no more than 20 seconds. The only thing to do is entrusted to the owner manual, it is installing a protective vinyl cover.

I remember, Mark I V won me the comfort of the sofa back, comparable to other representational sedans. Fifth Mark, reborn in a convertible, is another matter. Plenty of room here at least – even with his legs crossed, I do not get to the front seats. Modern Audi Q 7 compared with that Lincoln is seen on the second row as the hatchback of a golf class. But the implantation of the soft top has done its job – seatbacks installed vertically too. In order not to injure my twisted spine, I had to slide below, depicting impressively landing minion of fortune.

In move

A trip to any old Yankees always an event, but a promenade on the old-school analog Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet and the Bentley Continental GTC – a dish that you want to savor slowly. Otherwise, it does – Lincoln management dictates orders. No hassles. Gray Giant awakens with dignity. In two meters from me, somewhere in the bowels of the huge hood, begins labor watch 7.5-liter carbureted V 8. Power? Best Answer – sufficient. Understand the intricacies of accounting principles horsepower 40-year-old – it is boring.

Graceful turned its back, convertible swam along the waterfront. Mighty gidroavtomat three gears with traction almost 500 Nm seems the most logical solution. Switching soft and invisible. Trample me weightless gas pedal even in the head does not come – maslkarovskih effects still will not. So we roll without fuss, gently and with dignity. Verily I say seasoned “amerikanovody”: old full – size – the best relaxant.

According to Ford’s grandfather’s behest, to Mark V, you can choose any type of suspension, provided that its settings will be extremely soft. The trajectory of any turn have to grope using weightless steering bus diameter with a thin rim. Weak by modern standards, with the long-stroke brake pedal, forcing a strategic approach to slow, complete the picture. In general, feel the Marshal of the Victory parade – and that, in the back and you can get up to his full height.

With the top up paint fade. You’re still a star, but not super. Getting used to the Convertible drug occurs after the first dose. Noise comparable to soplatformennym coupe, and the lack of drafts in the cabin will not be able to replace half the vivid sensations donated retracted awning. Without the roof, Mark V to limit narrowed the range of its application, but gained more than lost. Conduct a fine summer day in his company – a rare and therefore particularly valuable gift.

Lincoln Continental Mark V
Fuel consumption, l

CitytrackMixed35 20 25

purchase history

Alexander has always been a passion for American cars. At the end of 2015 he decided it was time to move on to take decisive action and began an active search for interesting copy of his collection. Six weeks later a real jewel was found in Moscow – a collector selling Lincoln Continental Mark V 1977 convertible with the release of the original mileage of 15 000 miles. Yes, not simple, and built to the same design on the basis of a series of Cartier. Such a chance to miss it was impossible, and Alexander purchased the car. By the way, the home of Lincoln price of such copies can easily reach $ 25,000, conventional coupe sold much cheaper.


Convertible went to Alexander in a completely original condition, but somewhat untidy form. In the previous owner, who drove the car in Russia in 2014, and has not got his hands pointing to the gloss.

Decorative panels wood
$ 50 + shipping

First of all – dry cleaning and polishing. But to revive faded in the sun decorative panel under a tree while Alexander could not – it’s in the process. Becoming find a replacement on Ebay, he was faced with an interesting fact. In the previous generation model, the details are in sufficient quantity and decent quality, but on the Mark V, they are less common and tend to be pretty shabby. Alexander attributes this to a change in manufacturing technology, which led to a decrease in quality. With some difficulty, but the desired set of panels was found. The price of each – $ 50 excluding shipping.

By Alexander suspension replaced the rear shock absorbers, silent blocks and springs ($ 200). The engine was replaced with candles and installed a new pump ($ 50) and the fuel pump ($ 100).

Most of the problems were with the carburettor – the machine worked unstable and glohla. In the US, I found a relatively affordable repair kit that safely delivered, but … “tricks” continued. It turned out that Kit was a defective needle that sticks. Once returned to the old needle, the problem was solved.

In general, the main difficulty is not even search for spare parts and the cost of delivery in Russia. For example, the above pump at a price of $ 50 to Russia was taken for 6000 rubles – that is, the cost in some cases even doubled and almost tripled.


For Alexander this summer – the first season of operation gig. During the six months that have passed since the date of purchase, the mileage has not changed.

Lincoln Continental Mark V
Brief specifications
Year of issue
7.5-liter carbureted V8
radio-cassette format 8 Track
Regular THAT the replacement of oil and filters
3000 rubles
lifting roof installation time
20 seconds


Recent work on honing the car have been carried out until this article was written. Configured carburetor adjusted locks and other jarring bumps on parts. Therefore, short-term plans – enjoy the ride in good weather, pleasing themselves and others.

model history

Premiere Continental Mark V was held in 1977. Coupe is equipped with two engine options V 8, 6.6 and 7.5 liters. A more powerful engine, inherited from the predecessor model, offered as an option and has been available to order until 1978. As the gearbox acted uncontested three-stage machine. Fifth Mark stood on the assembly line until 1979.

At the end of 1970, due to stricter safety requirements, convertibles have virtually disappeared from the production programs of American manufacturers. Vacant niche occupied the independent studio. Upcoming versions based on Mark V built by companies such as Global Coach, Hess and Eisenhardt, American Custom Coachworks, Hotten Associates, Bradford Motorcars, Emess Coach Builders.   The conversion from coupe to convertible increased cost of the car is about twice. According to various sources, all were created no more than 100 gigs at the Lincoln Continental Mark V base.

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