Three hundred elk: ownership experience Volvo S60 R

“Volvovtsy” has long been resigned to the fact that their cars are perceived as a “pensioner”. Moreover, they add fuel to the fire, emphasizing in advertising primarily on safety, reliability and environmental friendliness, as well as a special Nordic style. However, Volvo’s venerable family there and a branch of the “eternal teenagers” – sedans charged with the letter «R». In Russia, these machines are almost no demand, and the more interesting to rethink the approach to the Volvo-Driving behind the wheel of the sedan S60 R.

Looking outside

Rapid silhouette, low posture, short overhangs and wide track – this is even a standard S 60. New style of the Volvo, Peter Horberry try out a business sedan S 80, in reading for a younger model looks much more harmonious. Far from losing in the solidity of the smaller sizes, “shestidesyatka” uncharacteristic previously acquired the Swedish model dashing enthusiasm.

The most powerful version, marked by a myriad of letters R (around the exterior of at least 10), had every right to get the whole arsenal of sports accessories, but the Swedes poskromnichali. Exhaust pipes sedan presented to only two, and body kit was one of the options. By the way, in Europe, unlike America, he did not use special demand. Traditional “Vol’vovskii” values, declaring modest appearance, turned out for a conservative audience of the Old World is more important youthful posturing. Those who wish to stand out nonconformists Swedes offer a wide palette of bright exterior colors.


Our S 60 not out R color: its black color is associated with the beginning of the “zero” when “shestidesyatki” enjoyed steady demand among the employees of the state apparatus and law enforcement agencies. But all the rest with him. Discreet kit emphasizes the benefit complicated relief sidewalls and the incredible beauty of the rear optics. The arches adorn the cult among the Volvo-driver drives Pegasus, a diameter of 19 inches. Swift, lean, ready to throw the athlete, with a modest guy on a first date. So the Swedes saw their sports sedan.


Laconic exterior, built into the genetics models of Gothenburg, never prevented “volvovtsam” design chic interiors. But when you create a task S 60 it was much bigger. Those who wish to fight on equal terms with the Teutonic Knights Swedes wanted to create a salon that meets the needs of the conditional buyer “treshki» BMW, not scared at the same time the traditional customers of the brand.

Armed with a plane, hardworking Scandinavians skived overly rectangular surface in the interior of the old woman S 70, rounded edges with a file. To heighten the effect of the center console, using as a reference point you know someone, launched towards the driver. It turned out a fresh, modern and most importantly – original. Material finishes on top, the build quality does not undermine, and ergonomics, despite the abundance of different-sized buttons on the front panel, can be taken as a reference.

As you would expect the top version, equipped with “Erk” exhaustively. Except for the top-end multimedia with navigation screen in a sedan has everything than 10 years ago, it was decided to boast buddies after purchase. Padded dark blue leather interior poetically named Nordkap p, in honor of the Cape on the island Magerё in the north of Norway, one of the most northern point of Europe. Style met perfectly in tone seats are chosen, even floor mats. And for once it is appropriate and even look stylish devices with blue light.

The front seats are great to look at and to touch, to get out of them – himself not to love. But comfort in them is clearly more than sports – too wide apart unregulated rollers lateral support. For the second series of the inhabitants it is rather good. Places in the shoulders, in the absence of the third excess, more than enough. On foot of this can not be said – a bit crowded. But by the standards of D-class began to “zero” is not so bad.

In move

S 60 R – is not the only charged Volvo in history, but the first, which corresponds to the content form. Predecessors “shestidesyatki” combined pensioner’s appearance with an explosive temper. Of course, there is a rush to punish the arrogant Germans, driving square suitcase with a turbo engine.

But in comparison with the 850 R and S 70 R, our today’s hero made ​​a qualitative leap forward in the ancestors of the top-end power fluctuated around 250 horsepower, and the engineers are able to get the cherished number “300”. And, interestingly, the “civilian” version 2.5, which is known in Russia mainly on the S 80 outputs in different variations from 200 to 250 liters. from.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that there are five cylinders, and the sound of “spurred» B5254T4 motor turns charming “odd”, no matter what it does not. What fits in the image – after a powerful Volvo to buy and to stand out from the crowd.

“BAM!” – Fascinated by the fun starts, I missed the average hole size. Very besieged sedan, note the excellent work ventilated Brembo and again catching smaller pothole. The answer to the question – “What the hell” indicator glows green pressed Advanced button, located just to the left of “emergency gang”. Of the three modes of the adaptive suspension Four-C, which changes the characteristics of the shock absorbers, the most rigid and the most useless in the city. Banks and swinging the minimum, but to tolerate the suspension furious, gripping the steering wheel with “Vol’vovskii” emblem, a dubious pleasure. “Karting” mode is reserved for track days.

Remaining Comfort, or Sport – quite self-sufficient. Activate the first option, with its fairly soft suspension makes “shestidesyatku” normal city car, and you – in the classic Volvo driver, who at the trunk of a sticker with a deer on dybah. You’re relaxed swim in the stream, enjoying the sound of classroom audio system. If the letter R on the steering wheel does not rest, PUSH Spor t. Crisp, witnesses reaction crossed with an acceptable comfort – the golden mean. If this is not enough, you can whip up “automatic”, placing it in sport mode (the Advanced it is activated by default), thereby exacerbating throttle response.

Perhaps the only drawback charged “shestidesyatki” – a monstrous diameter turning, almost 13 meters. Owners of large crossovers will watch with amazement as you turn around in five receptions where it is enough three.

Thanks to all-wheel drive S 60 R allows you to walk all the three hundred Swedish moose without regard to weather conditions. The primary purpose of the implementation of the AWD system has been concern about the safety of the inhabitants of the sedan – “it’s a Volvo.” The traditional values ​​of the brand in a sedan still more in spite of the abundance of R -otmetok. A model of a powerful motor and combat gear, but Nordic version of the sports sedan is perfect for the role of the car for every day. It is not surprising, because the universality – is another key quality cars from Gothenburg.

purchase history

The first foreign car Alexei after moving to St. Petersburg from Kabardino-Balkaria was the Volvo 850 R. few years of ownership “hot suitcase” formed a vision of the ideal car. Alex realized that he wanted a powerful Volvo all-wheel drive. In 2013, the dream became a reality in the form of S 60 R with a manual, Imported from Samara. Alas, life together was short-lived. For family reasons had to sell the car.

Volvo S60 R
100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l18 9.5 15

As time went on, they were replaced by machines, but the thought of “shestidesyatke” haunted. Even the possession of the Mazda 6 MPS is not comforting. Not surprisingly, when a friend told her about the sale of the R 60 S, Alex urgently “threw” “Japanese girl” for nothing and bought Volvo. Here it is necessary to add that such vehicles across Russia is usually sold about 10-15 pieces. All of them are well known to connoisseurs, so good copy, without exaggeration, it is worth its weight in gold.

The car, Alexei inherited quite an interesting story. It was bought new in Moscow in 2007 and until 2015 was in the same hands. The first owner was not averse to indulge chip tuning, but something went wrong, and quickly came into disrepair engine was replaced by the contract.

Considering that the forces of 300 to turbopyaterki issuing civilian versions of 200-250 liters. s., and so limit the outcome was initially “a little predictable”. But the owner was apparently a master of sport run on a rake, so that tuning has undergone and the new motor. What happened next, you can guess for yourself. Even with the third engine was discharged from Sweden, a car with a mileage 50,000 km each bought Alexei and overtook Peter.

Attachments after purchase
8 months
300 thousand rubles

His present owner inherited S60 R 600 000. The car has been well maintained and fully serviced, which is not surprising – the first eight months of ownership friend Alexis had put in nearly 300 Volvo 000.


Serial kit offered for the S 60 R as an option, and in our instance it was not – this very unfortunate injustice Alex decided immediately. Find the whole kit and sane price was unreal. Therefore, the details of Alex spotted in parts. Something found in Moscow, part of Minsk, the rest in Samara. But it turned inexpensive – 25 000 rubles. On the trunk spoiler perched E volve – this is pure fantasy owner, original spoiler does not exist.

Discs Pegasus – a replica. Why not the original? Alas, in nature there is no factory drives this model is larger than 18 inches. For high-quality replica of the German size 19-inch Alex gave 50 thousand rubles.

Technically, the S 60 R has changed slightly, and improvements here are purely rational character. Additional radiator H ayden on the box (10 000) is set for the extension of the life of the box TF 80 SC is considered prone to overheating, even paired with a “normal” 2.5. , Installed on the sedan larger exchanger on the diesel XC90 To prevent engine overheating, which is similar to the S60R death. From classical tuning accessories Alexey established only Defi boost pressure sensor and a receiver OBX exhaust hose increased to 3 inch diameter instead of standard (30 000 rubles).

Volvo S60 R
Brief specifications
B5254T4, 5 cylinders
300 l. from.
Pegasus (replica) 19 inches – 50 000 rubles
The body kit S60R
Of 25 000 rubles
The cost of this car
600 thousand rubles
The choice of car
How to buy a Volvo S60 I city: do not chase for two pedals

A bit about the model Volvo has many times made attempts to get away from the image of the machine supplier for pensioners and those who are not in a hurry. The last attempt, like a success, but it was not the first time. At the beginning…

Spare enough available, except Brembo brakes and active suspension components Four – C. A wide range of spare parts are in Minsk – it is the largest demolition of charged “shestidesyatkam”. In 2013, Alex, they have bought there for 5 000 dollars, providing you and your friends everything you need. There you can repair or modify S 60 R. For example, replace the “automatic” in the “mechanics” of what Alex thinks sometimes, will cost 1500 dollars. According to Alexey, very difficult to find in St. Petersburg specialists at this level.


The plans to install a new intake of more efficient intercooler and replacement of the factory of plastic pipes on silicone. Traditionally, for the old Volvo requires restoration of the skin in the cabin. Ideally, Alex plans to buy another car for every day, and your favorite “Swede” translate into the category of a weekend car.

model history

Work on the S70 receiver began in 1997. Designer Peter Horbury model painted in the image of the older S80. Platform new sedan also got from her. Premiere S 60 of the first generation was held in 2000.

Wishing to emphasize the status of a competitor of the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, in 2004 Volvo was released charged S 60 R with all-wheel drive. Restyling 2006 model brought slightly corrected appearance, and a new six-speed automatic.

S 60 R left the assembly line in 2007. Heir, continues the tradition of R -models in the Swedish company line is out. In the role of leader of the second-generation “shestidesyatki” stands S60 Polestar, whose power reaches 367 liters. from.

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