The teacher in the resort: test drive Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio

Holidays – an excellent opportunity to try something new. Some indulge in gluttony, nakinuvshis on local cuisine in the hotel with all inclusive system, other overcomes thirst for knowledge, and his ears do not pull from the ancient ruins. After three days of vacation in Rhodes, Greece, gaining a couple of pounds on a free pizza and sated ancient ruins, I decided to partake in Russia and inaccessible road driving pleasure Beetle Cabrio.

The attractiveness of automotive design – certainly a subjective thing, but agree that in nature there are not many Volkswagens, ready to compete with rivals in the beauty contest. In the current model range, perhaps only Beetle is able to fight for lovers of the beautiful heart.

Understand it and the Greek sellers rolling services. Rent a Beetle Cabrio will cost even 10 euro, but more expensive than the Audi A3 Cabriolet previous generation. And people are willing to pay. And many of them just do not belong to the target audience of the model. I have repeatedly seen important fathers of families, the home is clearly holding black crossovers, which are happy to take a crumb Volkswagen rent. What is happening in Rhodes is in Rhodes, if you know what I mean.

Externally Beetle – Milyaga guy who knows how to reach out to all and sundry. Especially with the roof collected behind the rear seats nostalgic accordion as the original ancestor. It does not sport a flashy or even any aggression. He was a good-natured smile full width of the front bumper, looking at you with wide eyes LED headlamp. We have known for nearly five minutes, and his hands and pulled him to click on the nose, emblem, hugged for broad shoulders.


The interior is not less emotional appearance. An excellent opportunity not to be sad about the lack of options. Facilities, as befits a rental car – holy simplicity. Basic multimedia, air conditioning, power accessories minimal.

Laconic front panel painted in the image of the first Beetle. Special mood creates decor version Design of decorative trims in the body color, encircling the interior circle. It looks definitely more colorful dismal base trim, but soft plastic, it seems, not even in the list of options. All panels are tough and hard as a rock, but the assembly "in folksvagenovski" pretentious. My Beetle lived almost 50,000 kilometers of rolling of difficult, but there are no squeaks and crickets in principle.

Drawing elegant interior, the designers have not forgotten about practicality. Small things a place in boxing-armrest, niche under the center console and a small compartment on the left of the steering wheel. The glove compartment as much as two. Bottom – the classic standard size container. Upper – Beetle box, designer hi two previous generations Zhukov. Capacity – up to a couple of ladies gloves.

The trunk is not pleased. Failure to lift the third door did their dirty deed. Compared with the base hatchback with its 310 liters, hold convertible shrunk by almost 100 liters. In addition, take a look at the narrow opening. What there can be put? Selling medium-sized suitcase here hardly fit. By the way, the trunk of my Smart ForTwo, which has a similar displacement, swallowed it without choking.

In general, anything larger pair of packages from the supermarket, will have to put in the back seat. Passengers in the second row, life is bearable under the condition that they do not vymahal above 180 cm. I have not held up to the specified level of about 5 cm, therefore, sat "himself for a" much discomfort is not felt. But to share with someone back sofa in a long trip would not want to. Two are at the shoulders will be cramped, armrest and cupholders not set too upright backrest pressure on the back, and raised in the case of bad weather the roof creates a light claustrophobia. So quickly behind the wheel.

In move

After nine seconds of waiting I get the opportunity to admire the Greek morning sky. The roof is controlled by the outside mirrors and does not require any additional manipulation. To the chair no complaints – moderately hard, with good lateral support and cushion the optimal length. And traces of many riders to be seen. Just wanted to say, "typical of Volkswagen." But why for the seat belt with your right hand has to reach, hugged herself? The easiest way to get it, arching in his left wrist.

It so happens that this is the third Volkswagen driver in my career. And the first, on which I proezdil few days. The chances of getting a diesel Beetle did not succeed – I got a gig with the base gasoline Quartet. 1.2-liter "bag juice" develops only 105 liters. a., but 175 Nm available already from 1500 rev / min, doing their job.

Fuel consumption Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio
At 100 km
City, L The track, l Mixed, l

7.3 5.2 5.9

Seven-step "robot» DSG nice to get along with malokubaturnym turbo engine. No matter what passport acceleration takes 11.7 seconds long. Traction and dynamics I had enough when overtaking on the straight, and on steep slopes, where there is no shortage in Rhodes.

Bundles turns Beetle goes with a bang, to the last clinging to the asphalt base 15-inch tires. Unfortunately, even the nature of the engine completely deprives the Beetle of drama, which a priori should go into any standard gig. Closing his eyes, it is easy to imagine that I roll to work in a conventional Polo – wind dancing in the cabin do not count.

Hopes for a sports mode does not materialize. What I did not translate the box in position «S», any significant changes in the nature of the Beetle had not noticed. Yes, the engine roar a little louder, but the cut-off speed remained the same – a little more than 4 000 rev / min.

Forgetting sportkarovskih ambitions, just roll along the serpentine, admiring the work suspension. Having driven in the far corner of the driver's instincts, I try not to miss a single pit. Not because his – not sorry. Greek potholes far from their Russian counterparts, but all I could find, McPherson torsion beam swallowed without problems. Not satisfied with this, moving out on the primer, despite the ban on distributors with respect to off-road driving in order to avoid problems with the insurance. Again Beetle all uneasy. No breakdown.

The next day, Beetle became my companion in the capital of Rhodes excursions. Among the crowd of modest cars production start of two-thousand belonging to the islanders, the Beetle looks like a real dandy. Alas! Enjoy the views of interested young Greek women prevented finely rain. Sheltered under the black hood of the roof, I'm sad to jam in the center of the city, trying to adjust to the jerking of the box. Gears are shifted hard, and the Beetle moves jerkily. A DSG DSG!

Tired of the struggle with German technology, trying to find a parking spot. Not a bit of it. If within Beetle commensurate Polo, then the width of the "shoulders" of his bloated body – exactly Tiguanu. Plus Long door. Find a cozy corner for bug-managed tolstyachka is not the first time. After landing finally in the outdoor cafe with a glass of frappe, I decided to take stock of our holiday romance with a Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetlle Cabriolet
The top consists of:
10 Seconds

Beetle left a mixed impression. It looks cool and it has a stylish, even elegant salon, plus a whole adequate equipment. But, my God, why he was so boring? Or Volkswagen is bound to be so? I would buy his wife a car (refuse it as well), but to steal it on the weekends for sure would not.

That is just a basic version – not an argument. The same Mini, even in the "vegetable" specification has let faulty, but character. Our family-Smart – the same story. And here is just a machine. Just another Volkswagen. For some, this is the best argument, but a holiday romance with a pleasant twist groovy bitch, not with a boring teacher of primary school, even with the roof torn off.

You need Beetle Cabrio 1.2, if:

  • For your car and Volkswagen are synonymous;
  • The machine must appear in style, the rest is secondary;
  • You're on vacation.

You do not need a Beetle Cabrio 1.2, if:

  • In the car you appreciate not only the design;
  • Cabriolet is for you – a useless toy;
  • You already have a Mini.

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