Supercars in detail: Savage Rivale – road with Dutch yacht shipyards

The ambitions of modern supercars developers sometimes go beyond the boundaries of car design: some newcomers threaten to create new segments. Just as our heroes today.

2009 – Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS

Uh miles Paul thought about creating your own supercar after a ride on a convertible Porsche 911 4S on one of the roads on the coast of Spain. Taking the associates of his friend Justin de Boer, which ended a little earlier Dutch Polytechnic University, in 2008 he opened a company whose purpose is the development of a new supercar.

According to the authors of the car had to be a likeness of the cruise yacht for public roads – a powerful, comfortable and dynamic. The first sketches presented to the public in early 2009, have been taken with interest, and convinced of the rightness of his conception, friends started to implement the plan in metal and plastic.

Premiere supercar, named Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS, was held at the Top Marques show in Monaco, surprising a rich audience present at the event.


The main subject of the discussions mass gig was … there are four doors that provide easy access to the salon. When you open the rear door hinges attached deadlights in the opposite direction and lifting mechanism, at the same time raise the wings and part of the Dutch supercar. We should also note the folding roof system – five glass panels are cleaned in a niche in the food in just 20 seconds with the help of machines designed specifically for the unique loops with a telescopic mechanism. As a result, the supercar made for walking tours in the resort area, founded his own class – exclusive four-door convertibles, dynamic and comfortable.

To match the exterior and interior. Four seats with a base of carbon fiber finished with fine leather tanning and equipped with electric with memory position. Almost every detail of the interior is made of polished aluminum or lacquered carbon fiber, well, or in extreme cases, the skin is tightened. The floor under the passengers’ feet, like a real boat, decorated with teak wood. Some elements – such as the instrument panel – borrowed from the Audi A6. The standard equipment of the land yachts entered chetyrёhzonny climate control, entertainment system with built-in satellite navigation, audio and Hi-Fi with six speakers and two a DVD-monitors in the headrests of the front seats, as well as options to customers offered a cooled compartment for champagne, interior trim precious metals and satellite signaling.

The equipment of the machine also includes hours in which is mounted a contactless access key in the car. Well, that passengers do not fry in the sun in the south almost transparent interior, the roof is electrochromic glass. In appearance it is very ordinary glass, but it is necessary to press a button in the cabin – and it becomes opaque, letting less light. After such know-how, to mention just a simple order the options as gamma of six shades of the exterior and interior (they include orange, dark silver, black, blue, white or purple shades), with contrast trim, simply uncomfortable.

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At the heart of the Dutch supercar design – spatial tubular frame welded from chrome-molybdenum steel, on which hung the outer panels of composite materials. As a result, the curb weight Savage Rivale managed to keep at around 1345 kg. To fasten the frame and independent suspension levers of front and rear wheels, and for the convenience to overcome speed bumps provided system further increase the clearance of the front axle by 30 mm, controlled by a special button in the cabin. Another button is responsible for setting the suspension stiffness, providing a comfortable moving in the “Gran Turismo” and allowing exit at race tracks.

Under the hood is placed a V-shaped “eight” index LS7, which is borrowed from the Corvette. The all-aluminum nizhnevalny engine capacity of 7 liters supplied with mechanical supercharger Eaton and intercooler, and freely “breathe” motor specially designed to help Savage exhaust system made of titanium welded tubes. At low revs special mode valves, called the company “of Stealth” muffle the exhaust volume, but if the owner wants to “put pressure”, the sound would be appropriate.

As a result, all the tricks of the engine power has jumped from regular 505 liters. from. to an impressive 670, while the maximum torque zafiskirovan at around 730 Nm. Together with the “eight” working American “machine” with six steps, supplied by the same General Motors. With such an arsenal of acceleration from zero to “hundreds” took the “land yacht” just 3.4 seconds and a top speed exceeding 330 km / h. Effectively stop the Dutch supercar are called carbon-ceramic brake discs with a diameter of 380 mm front and 365 mm at the rear axle.

Lapping vehicle carried on the Dutch racetrack Zandvoort. In total, only 20 companies have built Roadyacht GTS, and for each car had to shell out as much as 411,750 euros.

2012 – Savage Rivale GTR

However, many customers of the brand wanted something more “hot” than the roadster pleasure. Especially for them, the company created an uncompromising supercar, named Rivale GTR and is essentially a racing version of the car.

Unlike Roadyacht, GTR deprived of the retractable roof, replacing it with a more familiar rigid and removed the tailgate. But the novelty was developed aerodynamic body kit with a giant rear wing, front splitter and a new rear diffuser and racing slicks.

Significant changes were made and supercar interior. Because he threw all the benefits of civilization, starting with leather armchairs and ending with multimedia facilities, and established instead ladles Recaro c six-point seat belts, strong safety cage, fire suppression system of automatic and electronic instrument panel with LCD display. As a result of all relief measures supercar weight decreased to 1030 kg.

Savage Rivale GTR

Maximum speed km / hAcceleration 0-100 withWeight360 2.8 1030

Behind the driver placed the 6.2-liter supercharged engine, borrowed from the Corvette ZR1. Specially established a new, more efficient supercharger, rewrote the engine control program and put direct flow exhaust system for the Savage Rivale him. As a result, depending on the settings, the power of “eight” can be up to 800 liters. from. In tandem with her work sequential six-speed manual transmission, which transmits from the engine to the rear wheels through a limited slip differential of increased friction. According to the manufacturer acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds GTR, and the maximum speed reaches 360 km / h.

For maximum manageability Savage Rivale experts found at their creation a new independent suspension front and rear wheels on twin forged double wishbone suspension with adjustable height and stiffness of shock absorbers, and effectively stopping supercar have been called all of the same carbon-ceramic brake discs of increased diameter. Price Racing Savage Rivale is significantly different from the luxury Roadyacht and is “only” 141,250 euros. Interestingly, the GTR has not received admission to a public road, and at the same time does not have the certification by the FIA, in fact being the exclusive toy for track days, wealthy collectors.

Production of car brands

The company’s headquarters is located in the town of Hilversum, Holland. There is also a shop and car manufacturing, which is not going over 20 supercars per year. Every Savage Rival is performed manually and 20 people working on the production. Since the company does not manufacture its own engines, power units have to be ordered on the side. Among the suppliers Savage Rival – General Motors, the company which supplies engines and gearbox, the Brembo Italian company, is responsible for the supercar brake system, and many other companies.

Interesting Facts

  • Ride Savage Rivale cars can be in the arcade racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne.
  • One of the supercar has Prince Albert of Monaco, showed great interest even to the first prototype cars.
  • The car involved in the automotive show Top Gear Live, where it ride James May, who noted the dynamics and speed performance of the Dutch supercar.
  • In 2016, one of the GTS Cabriolet makes promotional tour in Europe. Emile Paul and Justin de Boer visited eight countries and dashed off a total of 15 000 km.

What’s the trick?

  1. Dutch supercar equipped with a power unit of America.
  2. Unusual rear doors, combined with wings and open up the upstream movement of the machine.

Comparative characteristics of the car Savage Rivale GTR and the surrounding classmates

Make / Model Savage Rivale GTR Pagani Zonda R Aston Martin Vulcan Engine V8 V12 V12 turbo Availability + – – Displacement, see? 6162 5987 7000 Maximum power
l. from. / rpm at 800 6,000,750 at 7,500,811 in 8250 Torque
Nm / rpm 790 at 4,000,710 at 5,500,625 at the 6500 maximum speed
km / h 360 355 360 Acceleration 0-100 2.8 2.7 2.9 Curb weight, kg 1030 1080 1350

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