Supercars in detail: Caparo – Formula 1 for public roads

What if former engineers formulaic team think about building a car for public roads? Get English Caparo!

K COMP ANIES Caparo Industries was founded in England in 1968. Saraj Paul, almost immediately after moving his family from India. Caparo specializes in steel production has become. By the 1990s, Paul, successfully exports its products to many British plants, became a billionaire who owns one of the largest holding companies in the global market for the production and processing of metals.

He became a peer of the House of Lords and repeatedly included in the list of 50 richest people in the UK. His youngest son Angad has inherited his father's company in 2004 and almost immediately began to think about building his own supercar. Do not delay it indefinitely, he founded a division Caparo Vehicle Technologies, in which invites definable former McLaren engineers.

2006 – Caparo T1

Earlier, Ben Scott and Graham Geldes Helsted resigned from well-known brand and founded his own company Freestream. They plan a new supercar was supposed to be the fastest on the track. As the fates decree, that their project was seen Angad and Freestream firm ceased to exist for the sake of something new.

The car, named Caparo T1, borrowed from the world of sports all the latest achievements of science and technology. Present it, by the way, the Prince of Monaco, to pass on a T1 at 2006 Top Marques show in Monte Carlo, which proved very impressed by the dynamism and driveability. The T1 structure is based on an aluminum monocoque body, to which was attached the external panels of aramid fiber, as well as stretchers independent suspension front and rear wheels to splurge forged aluminum wishbones and push rods type "push-rod". Obviously, all shock absorbers and springs are adjusted as stiffness and height.

In order to get into the British supercar, you need to discard a powerful flashlight, such as those used in military fighters. Inside it is based on a strong roll cage designed to protect riders in the event of an accident. Of course, the comfort and fit of the question: the driver's seat is on the size of its carbon fiber matrix, a passenger sitting behind him in tandem, and for the convenience of the steering wheel is made more easily removable. And, of course, the car interior is nothing superfluous: only the steering wheel, pedals, electronic instrument panel with LCD display and rocker racing gearbox.

Naked body skeleton sheathed lacquered carbon fiber, and regular equipment Caparo only includes lighting fixtures, fire suppression system, racing HANS safety system, fixing the head and neck of the driver and protects them from damage, an emergency shutdown "masses" yes wipers. There is not even a heater and power steering, not to mention the air conditioner, radio or auxiliary electronic sistemah- "collars", and for a complete stop to the driver will have to rely only on his right leg, and carbon-ceramic ventilated disc brakes on a circle. As a result, the car's curb weight was incredible 500 kilos!

Under the hood, carbon-fiber hood located aspirated V-shaped eight-cylinder engine of 3.5 liters, equipped with direct fuel injection, individual throttle butterflies and the lubrication system with the "dry" sump. It produces 575 liters. from. with a fantastic 10 500 rev / min and torque of 420 Nm at 9000 r / min is transmitted to the rear axle by a sequential six-speed racing box Hewland transmission, which helps limited-slip differential.

Also helping to realize the time Pirelli racing slicks of different width (wider than the rear of the front by 30 mm), which are shoes on magnesium alloy wheels. No joke, on a ton of weight Caparo account for over thousands of English horses, and this figure had almost twice more than the hypercar Bugatti Veyron. T1 – the only car in the world with the official admission to the public road, which allows you to experience the racing overloads: during acceleration and braking, acceleration 3g experiences!

From zero to rating "hundred» Caparo accelerates in 2.5 seconds, and later still the same speedometer fix a mark in 160 km / h. Stop with this speed is performed in just 5 seconds, and if you continue to press on the gas, depending on the settings, the T1 will accelerate to a speed of over 320 km / h. At the same elaborate aerodynamics ensures the clamping force equivalent to 875 kg at 240 km / h, which in theory allows the machine to be moved across the ceiling. Price brainchild definable engineers started with a mark of 400 000 pounds.

2007 – Caparo T1 Police

Supercars guard police are increasingly used in many countries. For service on highway M25 in England, where, according to the authorities, often "come off" lovers of fast driving, the Police Department has ordered a special police car Caparo T1, received index RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle). Equipped with lights flashing and siren "rapid response car" successfully carries on duty on duty, which is catching up to race fans among owners of supercars and motorcycles.

Incidentally, instead of the rear seat was a refrigerator, which enables the machine to, among other things, hold fast delivery of organs for transplantation. And in addition to the Caparo after the arrest of the offender has to wait with the last conventional machines where this perpetrator could be planted.

2009 – Caparo T1 Race Extreme

For customers that performance Caparo T1 was not enough, two years later at an auto show in London presented a forced modification, which received the name of his own Race Extreme. 3.5-liter all-aluminum "eight" has been modified and has a new management program, together with the exhaust system of the right heat-resistant "Inconel". Result – 620 l. from. at 10 500 rev / min instead of 550 "horses", "normal» Caparo T1. However, if the vehicle is filled with methanol, the engine speed can be increased to 12 000 r / min, at which the maximum power reaches 700 liters. from.

Engine T1 weighs only 116 kg (for comparison, "eight" from BMW M3 – all 220 kg), and the total mass of the machine four meters in length does not exceed 550 kg! As a result, power density T1 can envy and superbikes, and fireballs F1. It should be noted that the engine also meets all the stringent European standards for the environment and complies with Euro 5! And for the passage of the noise certification magical motor silenced silenced.

As before, the engine sagregatirovana six-speed sequential manual transmission Hewland, the driver can change gears and use the paddle. Under a motor changed and the car body. The new aluminum monocoque became 20 per cent tougher, and the number of external components already completed a reinforced carbon fiber plastic. Revised and the kinematics of the suspension arms to the push rod, and for them to have used high-strength steel alloy developed for the aerospace industry. Even the steering rack has become lighter and made of a magnesium alloy, not to mention the new rims titanium, clad in Pirelli slicks.

The maximum speed? Depending on the settings of the transmission gear ratios and the average is fixed at around 330 km / h. From zero to 161 km / h Race Extreme can be dispersed for 4,5 seconds, and to a full stop from this speed requires a further 3.5 seconds! Yes, and more: 3,5g overload in the car when accelerating and braking for the unprepared person can lead to loss of consciousness. For a quick start Caparo's designers applied Traction Launch Control system allows you to adjust the rear wheels and limit wheel spin for better acceleration.

As before, the T1 is equipped with a safety system to protect the neck and head and an automatic fire extinguishing system, and the cost of the car starts at 500 000 pounds sterling.

2014 – Caparo T1 Evolution

But the story does not end with us. In 2014, a representative of the media service company told Dutch media that the company is developing a new generation of Caparo T1, code-named Evolution. The first teasers, published at the same time, implied a new body design, and for the creators of the statements, the machine had to get carbon fiber monocoque and the new V8 engine, "more than 700 liters. c. »Evolution should also be equipped with electronic assistance systems, for example, ABS and ESP, and traction control system, previously applied to T1 Race Extreme.

At the same time, customers of the brand was already able to pre-order for a new car, the price which starts from 1.1 million euros. But at that time it was clear to all that the buyer actually offered "pig in a poke." Work on the car has not been completed, and in October 2015, the company and did start a bankruptcy procedure.

2015 – the company's bankruptcy

Caparo Corp. came under external management, its financial performance against the backdrop of the crisis in the steel industry have been low, and reducing workers started at all enterprises of the holding in India, Europe and the United States. November 8, 2015 Angad Paul fell from the window of the eighth floor of a building in London. From the received multiple injuries incompatible with life, 45-year-old billionaire died at the scene. The police found no evidence of a criminal offense in the circumstances of the death and concluded that holding the owner committed suicide.

Production of car brands

The company's headquarters is located in Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom. On the stocks built from scratch a tiny plant skilled workers annually collect up to 20 Caparo T1. In total, the company employed 40 people. Caparo specialists personally created built on the racing engine technology and bodywork of their cars.

Interesting Facts

  • Earlier, Caparo engineers took part in the establishment of McLaren F1, one of the most well-known and high-speed supercars in the world.
  • Angad Paul was producer Guy Ritchie, with whom he took, in particular, known to many criminal comedy "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch".
  • English racing driver Jason Plato, in October 2007 to test the T1 program Fifth Gear, suffered severe burns as a result of a car fire. According to him, at a speed of 250 km / h the car first went slowly begins to smoke and smell of burning oil, and then the car turned into a fireball. Only riders instincts allowed Plato to stop the car quickly and do not burn him alive. After the accident, the company studies were conducted, during which revealed that the cause of fire was the oil filter. All issued cars immediately came under revocable campaign.
  • A little later, one of the journalists had an accident at Goodwood due to jamming of the throttle valve in the open position, and in the 10 season of the famous TV show Top Gear in 2007 Caparo T1 has been tested and Jeremy Clarkson, who praised the car as a whole is positive, noting the dynamics and manageability, but cursing the general build quality of the car, which subsequently affected it the worst way. Clarkson said the hideous makeshift assembly of the front panel, which, according to him, just collapsed on the go, and then he had problems in the fuel injection system. Nevertheless, the car showed the best at that time, lap times, but was not admitted to the official table. According to the rules of the program, the machine must be available for sale, as well as being suitable for driving on public roads – in particular, be able to overcome the "speed bump". With the latest job Caparo and failed.

What's the trick?

  1. The manufacturer uncompromising high-end supercars.
  2. The use of the car body structure of modern technologies used in Formula 1.
  3. On account of Caparo T1 – many records tracks of the world, while the car is officially certified for public roads.

Comparative characteristics of the car and the surrounding classmates

Make / Model 2009 ad Tramontana R 2006 Caparo T1 2011 BAC Mono Engine V12 V8 Series-4 turbo + Availability – – Displacement, see? 5513 3500 2300 Maximum power
l. from. / rpm at 720 5,250,575 10,500,280 in 7700 when torque
Nm / rpm 1100 at 4,000,420 with 9,000,280 at the 6000 maximum speed
km / h 325 329 275 Acceleration
0-100, with 3,5 2,5 2,8 Curb weight,
kg 1268500540

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