Respect your elders: the experience of owning BMW 318i E30

“Treshka” – the nurse of all BMW: a total darling is necessary not less than 30% of sales of the brand. But today a large and close-knit family of six bodies, including imagines himself a separate class of “four”, it would have been impossible without the success of the second generation model. Remembering style Bavarian coupe 80 by the example of BMW 318i E30.


The s also noted that in recent news on the external restyling of a model hospital evoke boredom? Pomodnee Headlights, bumpers posportivnee – no intrigue. Prereform cars, almost losing relevance to the fans, who can see the difference in the figures wheels, becomes instantly obsolete. Or will another thirty years?

I look at my old friend and do not recognize it, although in the past year had a great summer day in the company of 325i Convertible. Prostetski iron bumper, chrome moldings here and there – a modest burgher economical cars of the early 80’s. Nothing to do with the young bully of the nineties, dressed in a tracksuit M-Technik-2. Not just a different image due to a complete set – different eras.


Despite the similarity of the face with E 32 and E 34, “thirty” in the first transition looks much more peaceful modern pirates combat vehicles. Exterior devoid of deliberate aggression, but each line exudes confidence athlete, hung with championship medals. Risking remove from the face of E30 corporate shark grin precursors, designer Klaus Lyute definitely won. Short overhangs, a neat rear spoiler and, of course, family bend Hoffmeister – neither take nor add.


Interior very old I have ever seen at this time BMW met welcoming smell of childhood. A mouthwatering aroma of an old car, familiar to any boy, uchivshemusya drive while sitting on his father’s lap, it is imperative to synthesize, enclosed in a bottle and sell at car shows.

Leather Nardi
5000 rubles

BMW, stuffed with no relevant V I N-code options, will look at the E30 down, but she had nothing to be ashamed of, this is the she went off the assembly line in the distant 1983. The world is full of collectors, for whom it is important to have a steering wheel M-Technik. Do not be fooled stylish combination of inky black plastic front panel and light upholstery. The first owner was a great economy. There is no air conditioning and radio. Hot? Spin paddle door windows. Bored? Listen to the radio. Wooden steering wheel Nardi perfectly complement the atmosphere of a modest vintage.

Minimum options allows you to look at the car sober, not misty eyes. With surgical precision assembled interior, capable of without any apparent damage to live another 30 years – a living monument to the very “German quality” in the infallibility which many believe still.

Basic seat with thick padding have a good profile, and tangible support to the side. Minimum adjustment does not prevent to take a comfortable position. Complaints can only occur in the most long-legged – the seat cushion a bit short for a two-meter individuals. They do not enjoy a significant imbalance in the left side of the steering wheel – a characteristic feature of many cars, not part constructively with the legacy of the 70’s. Sitting pressed against the driver’s door is unusual only at first. They go as a people on Gelendvagenah – and nothing else. For drivers who do not dress in XXXL clothing stores, cramped “treshki” in conjunction with the firm steer on the front panel of your loved one is perceived as sitting on the glove hand.

Rear sofa hospitality lures ceiling handles to facilitate the landing. But it is necessary to slam the front seat, and you – in the trap. Legroom is only slightly larger than a classic 2 + 2 coupe. But the rest – a soft, light and spacious, provided that you’re here alone. It’s a shame only for the lack of a central armrest. However, the car driver – forgivable.

In move

Fans who believe that true “Bavarian” – a six cylinder and mechanics, can not read further. Thirty years ago, as today, a large proportion of sales accounted for a simple four-cylinder version. Unlike the cipher on modern BMW, to unravel the mystery of the index at 318 i E30 is easy. M10 engine, carburetor leading a violent life from the beginning of the ’60s and sets for 2002 and E21, owning a Jetronic fuel injection, was made available to 105 hp

With this manual “thirty” is showing very strong for the second engine rank dynamic performance. Alas, man-machine the ZF, born in 1973, with its three stages, steals the time, do not hesitate. That crawls “treshka” to hundreds of long 13 seconds. But pensioners have to respect. Moreover, his business his grandfather knows, it operates smoothly and smoothly, without jerks.

at the time of purchase
140,000 km

Rejecting the mechanics, “treshka” lost some brutal image. But the main thing is left. Taking the driver the opportunity to peg transfer and fight hard clutch, “thirty” kept predatory prowess in the corners. Weight a little more than a ton, almost half the weight distribution and rear-wheel drive make it possible to perform miracles on bends. In any of these “treshka” ready to use, without compromising speed, with a slight, almost imperceptible roll and desperate courage fighter coming in the last fight. Before ideal lacks quite a bit. The steering wheel, making it almost four turns from lock to lock, the buzz is able to spoil the driver is not familiar with the peculiarities of yangtaymerov driving. For advanced, are not afraid to communicate with the vehicle without intermediaries (in the E30 not even ABS), catch the drift in a clear, simple to manage, “thirty” – a special pleasure.

Avoid installing the “Bavarians” adorable owners Koni Sport, «treshka” has retained its inherent from birth to tolerance of evil road. Beyond a reasonable speed on the battered pavement life, I did not wait a single breakdown. Withdraw the suspension of balance can only acute-angled cracks in the asphalt. But even shudder with indignation, “thirty” will not get off to the charted course.

All these charms, demonstrating the suitability of the car at the age of Christ for daily use, it is true only in respect of live E30. Finding a – hold tight and do not let go. Opportunities to enjoy a true old school with BMW is getting smaller every year.

purchase history

Alexander sincerely loves cars. It is desirable, unusual, with the soul – it is his Lancia Kappa Coupe became the heroine of my last article. No wonder he could not get past the classified ads BMW 318i E30 1983 release with mileage 140,000 km.

Test drives / Single
Girl hardworking man: the experience of owning BMW E30 325i Convertible

Looking from the outside appearance of a black convertible beside the city park in Pushkin did not produce any effect on this exciting local audience. But I, to this point, slicing impatient circles waiting …

9126 1 5

The previous owner, a young man of 18-19 years, bought a “three-ruble note” in Chelyabinsk. But his hopes of a real bmveshny drive did not materialize. Not bothering to understand the reasons for the end of the disease, coupe received a humiliating diagnosis – “Not coming!” And was put up for sale. Moreover, for an amount lower than the purchase price. Alexander E30 went for 130 000 rubles.


Inspection after the purchase revealed that the “three rubles” – a real godsend. No broken body with all of the nameplate in his native paint, original windows, all the moldings in stock, complete interior without a trace of “collective farm” – we appreciate these E30 – its weight in gold. But the work was something.

In the native LPC no hint of rust, but it was in a sad state and required updates. The body was completely repainted in one of metallics from the factory E30 palette. Before it was a boil, and treated floor – the only one of the places where it was possible to find traces of the “red plague”.

Work on the interior began with a thorough cleaning badly soiled floor. Status of the sofa upholstery and front passenger seats raises no objections. Especially offensive was to see-through hole in the driver’s seat. Atelier, where to go, Alexander, offered the part to save the factory trim, replacing the central part of the leather insert in the color of door cards.

BMW 318i E30
Brief specifications:
Year of issue:
105 hp
ZF automatic transmission 3 steps
Acceleration to 100 km / h:
13 seconds
AI – 92

Coupe Suspension completely moved. Most of the details, as well as the stock wheels, Alexander took the purchased reserve donor. The problem of “Not going!” Addressed to specialized service BMW, having a lot of experience with E30. After cleaning the throttle setting and automatic car like born again. Gone vibration at idle, and most importantly – the vehicle has regained the ability to accelerate in kickdown mode.

BMW 318i E30
Fuel consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l10 June 8


Nestokovy accessory in the “three rubles,” the only one, but its presence can not be called “collective farm.” For wooden Nardi wheel Alexander hunted several months. Used specimen was found for ridiculous for such part of 5000 rubles. A total investments in E30 totaled about 200 000 rubles.


Alexander has “three rubles” for six months and had to pass on it is almost 5000 km. 33-year-old car is sometimes used as a daily and never failed.


All further on compartment plans were thwarted the emergence of a new interesting project. Who is given on the order of E30 happy new owner, Alexander and enthusiastically plunged into acquaintance with a new yangtaymerom.

model history

The second generation of the most important model for BMW appeared in 1983. E30 Body painted Lyute Klaus, author of the previous E21. Despite the increase in wheelbase, the body shrunk in length by 29 mm, thus becoming taller and wider. Driving chassis remains the same, but has passed a comprehensive revision.

In the photo: BMW 318i Coupe (E30) ‘ 1982-91

By tradition, a wide range of motor was presented inline fours and sixes, combined with mechanics and machine. The youngest version of the engine developed 316 hp 90 At the top, apart from the M3, stood 192-strong 320is, is produced from 1988 to 1990 especially for the market of Italy and Portugal, and South Africa 333i output 194 hp No alternative to rear-wheel drive has been diluted by the emergence in 1985, all-wheel drive version of the 325 iX with six 170 hp

Having survived two updates, coupes and sedans E30 in 1991 have given way on the line “three rubles” E36. Remaining in the ranks convertible, wagon and M3 were taken out of production during the next two years. E30 Total circulation was more than 2.3 million copies.

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