Next, to the sun: the experience of ownership Chevrolet Corvette C4

He was born to saunter along the docks of Miami and Los Angeles, but fate decreed otherwise. Instead of regular beach walks he got gray days standby short outings in the rare sunny days. But the Yankees do not just give up. Having survived the ruthless Russian tuning and oblivion in a dusty garage, Chevrolet Corvette C4 finally found a real home.


Test American car on the territory of the Orthodox Cathedral –   pure sacrilege. This red, deliberately indiscreet and deafeningly loud embodiment of vice is not a place in the holy land. But the contrast design diabolism fourth Corvette with a magnificent golden domes and neotrestavrirovannymi ruins of old buildings, evokes the creative peace, so strong that it had to take a sin.

Outside flattened hammer leaves no doubt – a sports car. After retiring from the violence of the design of the first three generations, GM’s decided to bring the appearance of C4 to overseas (ie European – your Cap) competitors. Our restyled instance showing more intelligent rounded shapes, especially significant in this regard. I can see Seller Corvettes, smiling at the whole expanse of the Hollywood smile: “It looks like a Ferrari, and is much cheaper!” Buyer thoughts «Great deal» writes a check.


I would definitely seduced – as anyone who over the bed was a poster with the Lotus Esprit, or something similar. Lamborghini, Ferrari, M aserati – almost all the eminent European sportkarovskaya parties, except for those with the motor in the wrong place, had a similar silhouettes and lifting required lights. Comparison with the Prancing stallions all the more appropriate that this instance adorns the side plates that mimic the air intakes in the style of models from Maranello. For Corvette it’s nothing to be ashamed of. American has often become the basis for the replica Italian sports cars – to take at least a fake Ferrari Daytona in the TV series Miami Vice.


Salon restyled Corvette creates uniquely aircraft association. Nothing to do with the pre-reform C4 and rough interior design which seems to have developed a lumberjack. Total trim panels of skin – a fad previous owners: GM factory option did not mean such vagaries. Massive relief center console, helpfully detailed in the driver’s side, reliably separates him from sitting on the right. In a similar style, by the way, the last of the interior of the Corvette.

Poor fellow passenger can only admire staring at him in three ventilation vents. Compensation act other than the chair, as if taken from a massage salon and equipped weight elektroregulirovok. There is even a separate paging central backrest rollers – to remind you that we are talking about the car of the early 90s. Well, a great way to escape, when your legs are sandwiched in a narrow gap between the door and the central tunnel.

Since most of the interior has been farmed out to the driver, he had no such problems. Caring about the main characters face is already apparent at the entrance – for perfect fit steering wheel can be tilted. And then you are left alone with a bunch of buttons and toggle switches, heads an impressive list of options. Left-hand stalk switch, head of glass washer, cruise control and turn signals – American Hi German colleague in a Mercedes. The instrument panel with a large tachometer, the four subscales, and in the middle of a small screen may seem tricky to someone who did not see the tidy dorestaylingovoy Corvette C4 early eighties. Digital display of the speedometer is trained to show speed in miles and kilometers. Switching modes onboard computer manages a group of large buttons to the right of the steering column.

Walking in nature gig requires C4 comply with the minimum standards for interior practicality. Central armrest capacious enough – however, know about the secrets of its contents only to the driver: in mestitelny box opens exclusively in his direction. The passenger can settle for a small glove box on the front panel. Search a huge coasters liter bottles of cola proved futile.

Two small depressions near the gearbox is clearly hinting that the Corvette does not welcome excessive consumption of fast food.

In move

But he is not a fool to eat C4. Even in quiet mode, 95-octane gasoline blended rate rarely drops below 20 liters per hundred. Under the five-foot fiberglass hood tilts forward to living a tremendous American monster of eight cylinders. My name LT1 monster. In its 5.7-liter displacement and 300 hp With the help of the old “American”, equipped with a four-gun, do not give yourself an insult even to the modern Mercedes-Benz SL or “Six» BMW.

But the buzz open the Corvette not the case. During its more than 60-year history, it has already proved everything to everyone. So – a short stop, half a minute mechanical trouble with the roof, lifting the mandatory blind headlights and … forward, towards the sun!

The cacophony of sounds, is born C4, draws attention to us across the street. Grunts at idle, turning into a roar, one has only to touch the gas pedal, does not stop even for a second. In the eyes of passers-by to read quite a surprise from what source did not rumble chadyaschie truck and low-flying red UFO without a roof.

Fleeing from surging attack stellar disease, I turn on the deserted side street. With time not seen speed bump Corvette suspension dealt effortlessly. Compared with its predecessor, C4, headed for the “sport”, but sacrificing the smoothness of motion – such Americans simply could not afford. To open Corvette, play the role of the model range foppish accessory, this applies in the first place. No wonder the lion’s share of the C 4 Convertible has been implemented it with an automatic transmission.

For automatic transmission, with the above in mind, no complaints. The city Corvette easily cost two, if not a transmission. Strong jerks are felt only with the active pedaling. But it is only the stamp on the right pedal, the desire to find fault when you look at rampant hood, from which it will escape and look disgruntled V 8, is no longer itself.

I will not, though he could. To understand the dimensions of the front – not an easy task. If not for lifting lights, guess where it ends the endless hood without a long training is simply impossible. Attack turns – not a dish from the menu of the Corvette. Body slightly strengthened, and it felt very good in high-speed corners conjunction. But who among convertibles early nineties, not without sin?

Enough eccentricities and ergonomics. We would like to see the clever fellow who put his emergency gang button on the steering column, passing it repainted in black. The pedals are on a non-optimal level with respect to each other. Wrap your foot off the brake, not taking his foot off the floor, I turned over again. Apparently, I have not grown up to the Corvette.

Chevrolet Corvette C4
Consumption per 100 km

CitytrackMixed30 l 12 l 20 l

Deficiencies in C4, as in any American can look for a long time and with pleasure. All, as usual, has a price. With the appearance and dynamics of a thoroughbred sports car, the Corvette in his youth years, cost an order of magnitude less prudish Europeans. Now – and even more so. And if in the United States C4 has no special collection value, in contrast to the famous ancestors, then we have it a favorite of the public, braggart and a woman’s magnet. So knowingly leave home.

purchase history

A fourth Corvette was an accomplishment for Yuri past ten years. Love is manifested in an acute form every six months, when he went to the sales sites in search of the American dream. Rare instances are usually cost prohibitive for money, and purchase the topic was postponed until the next attack korvetomanii.

In the summer of 2015, looking at ads on the usual sites and not finding anything interesting, Yuri interest for hammered in Google search query – “Corvette C 4 Sale.” Among the fallen one reference it has been very interesting. She was an unknown Yuri site where he saw an advertisement for the sale in Moscow gig C4. However, that is exactly the Corvette could guess only an expert – the only photos demonstrated something red, covered with a thick layer of dust, lurking in the shadows of the garage. The announcement, in addition, was taken six months ago. But Yuri is still ventured to write the owner of e – mail.

Chevrolet Corvette C4
Brief specifications
5.7 l
300 hp
4-speed automatic transmission
THAT the replacement of oil in the box and the engine (original GM oil – 5 liters)
8000 rubles

The owner responded pretty quickly and confirmed: yes, selling C4 is still relevant. Along the way, the owner told me that the car is fully serviced and does not require investment. Yuri took another for the company, went to the capital to see this in person. Inspection on arrival confirmed all. At the same time the owner told a very interesting story that instance.

Test drives / Single
Experience possession Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06: comfortable Fighter

Looking from the Corvette C5, as well as his other relatives – an infrequent visitor to Russian roads. But in our hands jewel among versions of the fifth generation – a fire-breathing Z06. The name of this version was received …

Chevrolet Corvette C 4 Convertible 1992 release was in Russia in 1994. For many years Russian tour Yankees managed to roll 120,000 km, replace the six owners and several habitats, visiting even in Chechnya. The last owner, owning car service, fully revived car in technical terms, but because of the circumstances they are not practically used. Sell ​​Corvette as unnecessary, and Yuri gladly rescued the owner of this burden.


Due to the previous owner of the suspension and the engine did not require any intervention. Apart from a few chips, the body, too, was in fair condition, but the Jury decided to completely renovate the paint. By the way, as it turned out, the red – not the native color of the car. The original Corvette was blue, but in the process of ordeal for Russia-mother was repainted with the entry of color in TCP. Yuri decided to maintain color – Corvette he goes to the same will not hassle with updating documents. Repainting cost of 70 000 rubles. Along the way, they were replaced all external gum, cracked from the prolonged standing idle cars.

Another gift from the previous owners was to replace the majority of the plastic elements of the interior counterparts with a metal coating. Jury panel ordered through Ebay. There he found the modern equivalent of the tent to C4 (20 000 rubles). Flizeline original roof was in very poor condition. All installation awning Yuri spent in the garage of his father, who was very helpful to him in this matter.

A bit naughty electronics, but Yuri believes that according to the age is in the order of things. As a rule, all costs by replacing fuses, but there was a case and more serious. One day, the head of the car and drive a few meters, Yuri felt a beating on the steering wheel and pedals – for no reason triggered ABS. Problems solved by simply disconnecting one of the sensors. Burning error does not interfere with driving, and lack of traction Yuri system does not frighten, and to drive the car in the winter or on rainy days, he is not going.


Like any paradise bird, Corvette out for a walk in the summer on sunny days are serene. For the year tenure Yuri managed to run over almost 10 000 km.


Now technically the car quite well. So plan Yuri is only one: to go with an open roof, enjoying the short summer, St. Petersburg.

model history

The fourth edition of the popular American sports car appeared in 1983. It was the first really new Corvette for the past 15 years. The car remained loyal perednemotornoy layout and rear-wheel drive to arrive at a more rigid body with external panels made of fiberglass and plastic. To move all this beauty with the help of non-alternative V8 L83 volume   5.7 liters capacity of 205 hp Transmissions – only four-stage, automatic and mechanical.

Produces for 13 years C4 constantly upgraded. Since 1989, the six-speed mechanics became available, and the power of V 8 by 1992 increased to 250 hp In 1986 he joined the lineup convertible, absent in the Corvette lineup since 1975. In 1990 he debuted charged 375-horsepower ZR -1, created with the support of the British Lotus. Redesigned sports car of 1993 was revised looks, a new interior and V8 LT1 300 hp

A fourth Corvette stood on the assembly line until 1996. More than 360,000 sports cars were produced.

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