It’s not a tractor: the experience of owning Mercedes-Benz E500 W124

Anyone who dares to sing insulting songs near this sedan big regret. Joker is simply destroyed the power of 326-horsepower V8 and crushed by the authority of one of the legendary Mercedes in the last century. Wolf W124 E500 offenders does not forgive.

We are not afraid of the gray wolf,
The gray wolf, gray wolf!
Where do you go, stupid wolf,
The old wolf, scary wolf?


This sedan – living proof that the idea of ​​implantation of large motors in the small body suffer not only tuning company. In the late 1980s, Mercedes has decided to set the heat competitors, releasing hot remix of his then favorite W 124. To assist in the arrangement called his fellow villagers from Porsche Stuttgart. In these initial data mediocrity could not be born at all. The car has received recognition and menacing nickname “Wolf” in the bargain. The nickname stuck firmly to the sedan, to withstand the test of time.

Externally, the darling of the taxi drivers all over the world – a classic of the classics. Bruno Sacco clearly drew 124 W with an eye on the younger 190th, but with all the stylistic similarity, older model expectedly produces more solid impression. Subordination, reinforced signs of restyling of 1993, observed impeccably.


Where neither look downright sedan exudes a confident arrogance of the well-fed. That is the true spirit of the Mercedes, which many do not have enough in his successors. The car is simply no bad angles. Square body dark green completely devoid of excessive decorations. E500 Although it had every right to dress up in full. In each instance the production took 18 days of manual assembly. However, splashes and other tinsel – is for amateurs. Muscular wings concealing extended rut and more massive bumpers – “five hundredth” modest, a true bourgeois.


The door closes with a characteristic click of a weapon. Salon “five hundredth” is in perfect harmony with the exterior. At the time, Mercedes has invested in the design of the 124th lot of manpower and resources. It is not surprising that the interior at the molecular level to absorb this German thoroughness. Why no Touch – feeling that everything is done for ages, it does not leave you for a second.

For 23-year-old vehicle, most of its 160 000 km ran through is not always hospitable to Russian roads, interior is in excellent condition. The Wolf managed to survive in the nineties, stayed in the zero and without any restorations looks like just stepped off the stocks in the Zuffenhausen plant.

Interior style hovered halfway between thoroughbred ‘the eighties »W 126 to the King” of the nineties »W 140. A vertical front panel, a quality of molded vinyl, issued in the cabin is not more than 30 cm, so the interior space supply – at the level of modern business-class models exceeding old man in size.

A tightly upholstered in black leather door inserts and great seats, did not concede Recaro buckets in the 190E 2.5-16. Standard finish banal “mersedesovsky” root nut replaced by strips of precious dark wood. It turned and brutal, and stylish. It just asks a black ceiling, but this was not a whim even provided a list of options, and the “farm” in such machines is contraindicated.

Equipped with “five hundredth” to match their special status. Dual-zone climate control, power seats (the driver with the provisions of memory), sunroof, top-end audio system Becker and other delights of the rich life. On the second row, optional two separate armchairs. Being here for a passenger – a special honor. Foot Places enough, and very pleased with the best seat backrest profile and palpable lateral support. High-end models emphasize individual reading lamps in the side racks and electric curtains on the rear window. Such a gray wolf, we just do not terrible.

In move

“Well, Bavarians, and driving a tractor?” -. A joke Sami Naseri, told them in the movie “Taxi” cost the creators of paintings $ 2 million looking at the characteristics of E500, it is difficult to understand what so offended “mersedesovtsy”. 326 liters. c., taken from the five-liter eight, to disperse hundreds sedan almost six seconds. The French only had that enviously troll German cine records nonexistent Peugeot.

In absentia, will lead to loud nickname, I thought “five hundredth” uncompromising sports sedan. Therefore, easily engage with the electric chair, familial adjust to different-sized mirror, I turn on the Drive and utaplivaja gas, preparing for battle with the wild beast. But at the next traffic light, it became clear that I should not have grabbed a stranglehold on the bus “steering wheel”.

At city speeds “five hundredth” comfortable, as befits a car with a star on the hood. Despite the sharper than standard the W124, steering wheel (three turns from lock to lock), the stability of the line does not hurt, but there was confidence in cornering. “Five hundred” with its lightweight steering still keeps you at a distance, but he was clearly quicker their counterparts from the “dashing 90”.

Old-fashioned four-stage “automatic” left a very good impression. Programs change smoothly and easy reverie by sharp pressing a gas is compensated by the most powerful traction of 470 Nm. Sport-tuned suspension is such only “mersedesovsky” standards of the last century. The chassis is perfectly absorbs asphalt joints, tram lines and other road “evil.” The tendency to the buildup of a fair, even by today’s standards. It will not go away and proprietary reinforced directional stability. It seems that there is a world power, capable to bring down the intended path of the Wolf, rushing in pursuit of game.

Fuel consumption Mercedes-Benz E500 W124
At 100 km

City, LThe track, lMixed, l17 10.5 12

Confident habits in any of the modes, comfort, built into an absolute, combined with impressive power, “five hundredth” may be a true Gran Turismo, though with four doors. This beast trained to devour kilometers of motorways, delicately (and not) all shelupon sleeves from the left row. With the fury of rushing to carry out the will of the owner, Wolf passing scattered small competitors and all staked out a place in the hearts of true fans of the brand.

purchase history

For the first time on the 500E / E500 Vitaly learned by looking the same action comedy Luc Besson’s “Taxi”. To realize the dream of owning a car “like a cinematic robbers” was possible only in 2011. Then Vitali bought his first E500. The car was not in the best condition. Realizing that the restoration of this instance – it expensive and troublesome, Vitaly sold it, bought after the other, better preserved sedan. Then there was another, and another.

This gyroscope – the fourth in a row. Vitaliy he emerged by chance. Friends have said that there is a collector who owns E500 in excellent condition, and he does not mind parting with it.

Meeting with a car brought a lot of surprises. 1993 release, imported in Russia in 1997, the “native” mileage of 160 000 km, good technical condition and only two TCP owner. To resist was impossible. Buying Volchok Vitaly cost in the amount of a little less than one million rubles.


Immediately after buying E500 went into the pits on Troubleshooting. The aim was to bring Vitaly in the car condition as close as possible to the new.

Body of the car was in good condition – was required only to update the LPC. For painting Vitaly personally disassembled sedan, removing the engine and interior. New paint color – №199 (the catalog is identical to VIN -number). Along the way, we updated all external gum and moldings (the cost of each of about 12 000 rubles). All optics replaced. Only the tail lights cost 25 000 rubles. There is also installed a new rear window, bought for 53,000 rubles. The high price is caused by the use of very thin heating filaments, not afraid of damage from the use of electric lifting curtains. Such glass is installed only on expensive modifications W 124.

Long standing idle impact on the technical condition of the “five hundredth”. Vitaly went through full suspension, brakes replaced. The greatest amount of work was carried out with the engine. There were no major repairs, but the engine was subjected to a total revision. New throttle assembly (120 000), the flow meter, all consumables, plus recently replaced the cooling pipe – this is not a complete list of new parts, inherited the legendary M119. Engine compartment decorated with new factory stickers.

Shop through the factory tinting is preserved in excellent condition. No restoration of the skin or plastic is not required. Electronics are also in order. All options, including electric seat memory and work perfectly.

Work was carried out in a workshop for the restoration of vintage cars, which manages and Vitali. Spare parts, with few exceptions, new and used strictly original. Search details took about half a year, about the same as the work itself lasted. Investments in the car is almost equal to the cost of buying it.


Vitaly sincerely believes the image of a standard E500 is almost perfect, but could not resist and made a couple of changes.

Connoisseurs will note that the 18-inch wheels Evo never installed on this model. Staff size – 17 inches. With all due respect to the work of the Stuttgart engineers Vitali believes that it is too little for such a car. Thus, there was a Japanese spinning tops replica of the legendary “mersedesovskih” discs. The wheels are mounted via spacers centimeter.

The second revision to interior and inspires special respect. Vitaly got a car with a standard trim walnut root. Now the car is decorated with dark wood inserts (in common “Bird’s Eye”). This finish was the prerogative version E500 Limited, limited edition. Panels were found Vitaly purely coincidental. He just saw an advertisement for the sale of interior parts with the E500, which could be seen in the background desired panel. Negotiations with the seller were not easy, he knew clearly what is a rarity in his hands. As a result, a bargain for 70 000 rubles for the full set of inserts.


In the previous “five hundred” permanent idle in the repair, Vitaly really could not ride. It will be corrected in this season. Now all the work on the car to be completed, and it is finally fully operational.

Mercedes-Benz E500 W124
Brief specifications
326 liters. from.
body color
№199 Catalog
18-inch Evo
version E500 Limited


The plan is simple – go and enjoy, maintaining a rare car in original condition. Thoughts on sale there, although the proposals are regularly received. Connoisseurs of E500 Arab Emirates offered for the car three million rubles. On another occasion, received an exchange offer to the new Audi A 6. But Vitaly interested neither one nor the other.

model history

Loud premiere in 1984 by Mercedes – Benz has become a new family of business-class vehicles received the designation W 124. The author of the exterior was Bruno Sacco.

Mercedes-Benz (W124) ‘1985-1992

Until 1990, the most powerful versions were equipped with only 124 W row “Six”. Not wanting to rest on our laurels, Stuttgart have decided to implant in the sedan five-liter V 8 from the SL 500. The project was implemented jointly with Porsche AG, on whose capacities manual assembly of the car was made.

500E Product developed capacity of 326 liters. from. With no alternative four-box sedan accelerates to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds. The car had a sport-tuned suspension and brakes from the SL roadster. Outwardly from the usual W 124 sedan different extended wheel arches and other bumpers.

Mercedes-Benz E 500 Limited (W124) ‘1994-95

500E version was produced until 1993. Since 1994, with the main line of W124 sedan has gone through a restyling and a name change. The latest models of items under the name E500 Limited came off the assembly line in 1994. On the basis of the standard “five hundredth” studio AMG has produced a limited series of charged sedan E60 AMG, is equipped with a 376-horsepower V 8 6.0. The total circulation of E500 / E500 amounted to 10 479 copies.

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