Evergreen: ownership experience BMW Z3M

Tired of looking at the slender ranks of customers walking briskly in the salons of the Mazda MX-5 roadster, “bemveshniki” in the mid-1990s, decided to put an end to it. retaliation Cannon created a real international team. The designer was the Japanese, the Germans were responsible for the engineering and assembly took place in the United States. Cute little animal, which he called the Z3, in 1998, the efforts of BMW Motorsport engineers become a real little fighter.

outside view

E the car caught my eye accidentally. Reaching once the sink, I saw the owner, carefully wiping rag roadster is so incredible colors that the brand and model immediately put on the backburner. Nonsense is that the appearance of the machine is determined wheel. Next to the colors of cars Ever Green ( «evergreen”), you can just stand around, collecting phone numbers of girls and selling for $ 100 permit for selfi. Kohler, among other things, home – BMW palette of colors includes not only banal black and silver metallic. Alas, the original, ordered “the socket” in a color other scored only 171 people worldwide.


The car itself was no less interesting. The first BMW James Bond rarely seen on our roads, but here – a real Z3M. I cut circles around the roadster, admiring the talent of the designer Joji Nagashima. The Japanese, who worked in the team of Chris Bangle, one year after the creation of the five canonical E39 showed the world what all have been dreaming of, but were too shy to ask. German car created by prescription English dvuhmestok 1950, with an eye on the glorious past of the brand BMW – is simple, like all brilliant.

Have you ever seen women’s competitions in fitness? From there the champions’ Zetka “on the same wavelength. Age does not affect on the appearance. The broad shoulders, thin waist, hips pumped up – based on the legendary BMW 507 beaten so well, that the image of Z 3 may be obsolete someday, but not yet in 15-20 years. Classic wheels BBS RS II, painted in body color (one of the options for the BMW 507), complete the image of a rethinking of retro.

In the photo: BMW 507 (Series I) 1956-1957


I’ve seen two-tone interior, but that is! Bright appearance – only a prelude to a riot of colors, prevailing in the interior. The inserts on the steering wheel, center console, the top of the front panel and the side stand with the windscreen frame decorated with plastic body color. In tone matched leather door inserts and seats. Not forgotten, even the sun visors. Ever Green dominates so clearly that it is time to talk about the turquoise interior with black accents, and not vice versa.

The front panel with a slightly expanded to the center console to the driver – strict and ascetic and minimalist interior went good. If no cassette player, dial thermometer and window lifter buttons near the gearshift lever, it is possible to imagine that I was, say, in contemporary “penny» (BMW 1 series, and not what you think). This feeling quickly disappears with the first tactile contact. High-quality plastic, rubberized buttons – modern inexpensive Bavarians, alas, stingy at such a level of finish.

Equipped with “Zetka” to complete. Roof and operates electric seats, music plays a Harman Kardon, the trunk has a CD changer for six discs (you also remember a time when it was cool?). Air conditioning and plastic instead of rear window on this background look like a paradox, but in the 1990s it was the norm. But equipment and color are secondary when dealing with the brainchild of BMW Motorsport.

In move

The trip turned into a feast for the others. Angrily buzzing green pipsqueak like magnets attract each owner BMW within a radius of one hundred meters. “How much power? ? 140 “- fun screaming in my face the young owner of the E90 sedan. “321” – I say, and while he tries to return to the place’s jaw dropped, shrieking am taking forward.

What a smart aleck! Do not you see that it is “Emka”? Roadster was one of the first charged Bavarians, examples of the chetyrehstvolny exhaust. Under the long hood lives inline six from the M3. Sound – hear them. A low rumble at idle starting from 1500 rev / min turning into bass rumble, but it is only the beginning. Motor pull at any speed, in any gear. Is it worth it to press the gas to the floor (as you make sure you do it) as the tachometer needle, peremahnuvshaya 3 500 rev / min, gives the start of such pandemonium that just hold on. Smeared on the back of the chair, woozy from superbaykovskogo motor squeal, you barely have time to squeeze the clutch lever and shuffle transmission Getrag five-speed box. Useless to beg for mercy – stop this madness is only capable of cut-off at 7500 rev / min.

In contrast, a truly infernal dynamics, chassis exhibits moderate rigidity. If you find the strength to roll to the rhythm of peaceful citizens, the vote is elastically and without the slightest hint of a sample independent suspension and spend most of the road bumps. The city mode makes a considerable fine for such crumbs torque of 350 Nm. The maximum thrust available already at 3 250 rev / min, allowing plug and move fourth gear, both on the machine.

But for a long time in this mode, the “wall outlet” do not travel. Sharp steering, powerful brakes, small strokes of the lever mechanics – BMW protests against the quiet ride with all my. I do not want! I will not! It is better to give hysterical what she wants – and gratitude will not take long. Flirty wagging appetizing hips, Z3M fun enters a turn. At any rate, for which you are brave enough, the roadster to the last clings to the road bends and runs with very high lateral accelerations.

100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l15 9.8 11.5

But as a lady with experience, “Zetka” requires the same from a partner – with young suckers, smelled burning rubber, it is boring. And dangerous. There is not any sort of electronic collars, only a powerful motor and a limited-slip differential in the rear axle. So think 10 times before the flop lightly on the seat and start the engine. 3 did not pass the Z test Euro NCAP, and the “three rubles» E 36 received one and a half out of five stars in these tests. Just keep that in mind.

purchase history

The idea of ​​buying a weekend car pursued Anton for a long time. Is it at all, but the “Wishlist” have to beat: There were, of course, questionable. As an experienced bumerovod, Anton could not change the favorite brand, so looked primarily Bavarian coupe and roadsters. The priority was Z3 and E10.

Rare color of the body
Ever Green

In early 2015, Anton saw it on the open spaces of the BMW Club – BMW Z 3M Roadster. Car 1997 release in a rare color Ever Green bribed small mileage of 69 000 km, clear history (imported to Russia in 2000, the two owners of the TCP), a great bundle (there was even a hard-top), and a good technical condition. The price was appropriate. Start trading were long, the seller did not want to make concessions. At some point, almost threw Anton attempts to recapture “Emku” and almost bought a Porsche 911 in the body 993.

All decided case. Former owners urgently need money, and he lost the car Anton for 10 000 euro. For comparison, in Europe, the price of Z 3M Roadster only start from 20 000 euros, and for the well-preserved specimens are asking twice the price.


Anton Z 3 got really in good condition. After more that, involving the replacement of oil, filters, brakes, only bring makeup remains. Body polished, the skin in the cabin – embellishing, and the car has regained its former luster.

Brief specifications
Year of issue
body color
Ever Green
Engine power
321 hp
5-speed manual Getrag
Regular replacement of oil with the TO (BMW Original) and filter every 6000 km
8000 rubles
Petrol – AI-98

Decorative interior panels, alas, it was not to save the dry cleaning – it took them completely replaced. When ordering new parts, Anton was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Russian interior trim elements in color Ever Green had never been delivered. Additionally it purchased the new armrest with cup holder with a cassette deck instead of the mother.

Fortunately, the car was almost all “native” but clearly the “left” plastic safety arcs – “native” parts again had to look for private sellers. The long quest to succeed thanks to the assistance of the Kaliningrad branch of the BMW Club. The entire rear plastic box with a storage and arcs got Anton at a reasonable price.


The first thing that made Anton – it installed a new exhaust system for the sink because of their age is not sound appropriately. With the 76-mm tubes from Eisenmann roadster sounded truly menacing.

Native disks owner changed on beushnye BBS RS II 18th diameter. They were not in the best condition, but ideally it is impossible to find the original – the model is no longer manufactured. The wheels have been carefully restored and painted in the color of paint Z3 body. To increase the rigidity of the body Anton put under the hood strut Innoparts.

Currently, the Roadster invested about 350 000 rubles.


Personal Anton mileage per year of ownership roadster – 5 000 km. The car is used as a generator of adrenaline on weekends in good weather.

With basic consumables and spare parts is no problem. Everything fits on E36. But the rear suspension and rear brakes original. In the cabin of the details taken out of production, and to order to do a set of negotiating with someone from soklubnikov for small wholesale order. If that helps buying parts b / y. A lot of broken parts with Z 3 is on disassembly of England and the United States.

Test drives / Single
Experience possession BMW Z4 E86: when two seats enough for happiness

And what about those who are no longer in the press-parks? With no new, but because no less attractive cars that can only be found in private hands? We agree with their masters, and for a long time …


This season, Anton is planning as a preventive measure to sort out the engine. It may be rewritten control program and set one piece exhaust Supersprint. The original system is retained in reserve, to be able to return everything back. Update all external gum, mud flaps and an antenna.

It expected to finalize the replacement of staff on higher-quality speakers. In technical terms, Anton is planning a major strengthening of the body. On the front axle precisely roadster will lower strut. Alas, the ready-made solutions for the back of the Z-axis M 3 does not exist. Therefore Anton actively communicates with experts specialized in the training of sports cars.

model history

Heir futuristic roadster Z1, painted designer Joji Nagashima, appeared in 1995. Z3 based on “treshki” E36 platform in the back and was supposed to be a response to the success of the Mazda MX-5. Initially roadster offered with the “quartet” of 1.9 liters capacity of 140. from. Gradually he expanded the range of engines, until it was in 1998 presented to the flagship Z3M a row “six” 3.2. The engine of the M3, capacity 321 liters. s., clocked a rear-drive roadster to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds. In the process of restyling 2001 Z 3 was slightly modified engine, which built 325 liters. from.

In the photo: BMW Z3 M Roadster ‘1996-2002

Along with the usual M roadster version was issued at the American BMW plant in South Carolina. Until 2002 it was produced about 15 300 copies of Z 3M.

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