Erotic dessert: the experience of ownership Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon

A fan sedans never understand wagon lover. Feeling generally dislike is mutual, because bodywork war did not subside until now, although everyone knows that won crossovers. Typical example of dialogue warring parties “- Sedan beautiful! – But the more practical wagon “compromise version that would suit everyone, very few!. Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon – one of them.


I expected to see southerners burning bright scarlet playful sundress, and received a solid woman in an elegant dress evening the Mediterranean colors. Atypical for canonical Alpha color Blu Vela ( «Blue Sail”) successfully entered into the aesthetics of a stylish wagon, giving rise to associations with British aristocratic custom shuting break.

Claiming kupeobraznost quite justified. From the pyatidverka thanks to hidden rear rack handles looks like a three-door Hatch. Dodger Walter da Silva, who has deceived all in 1997, disguised under 156 sedan coupe, did not hesitate and cranked the trick again. No wonder the bosses Fiat chose his project, and rejecting proposals by Pininfarina, and ItalDesign.

Stays in place and all the features of the best European car in 1998. Family beak grille, bumper fractures almost into two halves, decorated with a metal front door handles in the style of the 1960s, the narrow strips of the rear lights. Four slits on the perimeter of the front air intake – nostalgia for pre-war Alphas. None of his contemporaries could not boast of such a set of design chips. 16 years ago, the trend in the sport wagons only gaining momentum, and the Italians proved to be the height of fashion.

You think I’m too biased to Alpha? Certainly. But I’m not alone. Gritting his teeth, that some Italians dared to bypass the Golf in the battle for the title of the car, the Germans from Volkswagen quickly lured Walter da Silva to his draw new “face» Seat, and then Audi, Volkswagen and even Lamborghini.


Salon met me the traditional “alfovskoy” tightness. Not skuperdyaystve sake, but purely for the pleasure of the lord of the pilot. Demonstrative selfishness interior, with extensive in my side of the central console, a match for the best examples of the Bavarian automobile industry. Planting is traditional for Italian cars – you sit high as the chair.

While velor seat squeezes my arms like a wife – her beloved husband, I admire the surrounding my driver’s fetishes. Lata three-spoke wheel, protruding at an angle lever of the box, the main wells dashboard with hanging arrows – features the classic Alfa Romeo 1960-1970-ies successfully woven into the modern interior. To the envy of Alfa Romeo Spider sports are incomparably greater. Deployed in my direction trio of additional devices, familiar from the bright dvuhdverke, another proof.

After such advances to the presence of the second-row seat recall in the last turn. But it is, and there is more comfortable than you might expect. A decent legroom, a large supply of space above your head. One condition – must be two passengers. The presence of the third seat belt still about what does not speak, the Alpha is ready to tolerate no more than four selfish at a time.

Ironically, it is in relation to Alfa Romeo. But – a few words on the trunk. Versatile yet. Its volume is small relative to peers or with raised rear seats folded under, and the minimum displacement – even less than that soplatformennogo sedan. Natural fee for a dynamic silhouette.

The Italians tried to compensate for the small amount of handy little things. The fifth door is far goes to the roof, which increases the height of the opening, making it easier to open close, inside there are two side “glove compartment”, mesh for small items, and at the bottom – a full-size “spare tire.” But I was already a little worried. In my hands the key to the hearts of the sultry Italian.

In move

The cheerful company of two-liter Twin Spark four and five-step mechanics, I had a great time on the test Alfa Romeo Spider. But it was a light-hearted dvuhmestka and wagon here. It is larger, heavier and has a higher center of gravity. Given the same capacity of 155 liters. c. there is something to fall into despair. Or not?

Quickly mastered with a soft grip, I smartly wedged into the stream. At low revs the engine pretends meek-botanist. Up to 4 000 turns Alfa simply goes without causing any particular emotion. To believe in complaisance wagon is easy, but the driver’s instinct can not be fooled. The right hand now and then for no apparent reason clicks selector mechanics. Moves lever – short and very clear, including transmission is instantaneous.

Seeing a gap in a dense stream, quickly take off and transfer of recessed gas. Here it is! Arrow tachometer instantly flew up into the red zone, Twin Spark screamed hysterically as Italian, caught her husband with a neighbor, and Sportwagon recklessly rushed forward. Prior to 7000 rev / min Alpha rushing as if stung, with each new switching inflame you more and more.

Avoiding any obstacles – easy petting before orgasm, obtained in the corners. The suspension, on double triangular wishbone aluminum front and rear MacPherson, set up without the slightest regard for the family car destination.

The steering wheel from lock to lock makes only two turns. Alpha obey you implicitly. Fast and easy screwed and shifted in bends easily stabilized and allows to control a skid. Not the slightest hint of a buildup. Nose dive – only when you press the middle pedal. Pads literally penetrate into the wheels – hypersensitive brakes require getting used to, but the master, you catch a buzz from it.

The price paid for the pleasure was known from the very beginning, but was not so high. Rough Road Sportwagon takes harsh, but as a rule, without bumps. By the breakdown of suspension could lead unless particularly large obstacles. Noise, skipping the salon Motor singing, good protects riders from other sounds.

Fuel consumption Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon
At 100 km

City, LThe track, lMixed, l16-17 August 12

Carp have something. The stylish exterior mirrors – another proof that Italians put design above functionality. Browse back through the teardrop-shaped elements of the decor leaves much to be desired.

The cabin is full of ergonomic eccentricities. Fog lights are included buttons on the center console. surf seat heating panel Quest I shamefully failed. Buttons found themselves under the under the seat, and turn on the red light indicator Italian Funny placed on the seat frame, next to the mechanical height adjustment.

I appreciate humor, even such a unique and ergonomic, more involved in the negligence, not malice. Alpha – not just a single product with its own unique character. This insidious seducer, able to cloud the mind pohlesche any sirens. I think a lot of men, to persuade their wives to purchase Sportwagon, then slept on the couch, left without an erotic dessert. Sports and eccentricity in the Alpha so clearly dominates over all other qualities that should only allow the slightest idea of ​​buying the 156th – and all you get.

purchase history

Buy Alfa Romeo 156 Denis wanted in 1999, the year when I saw an article about her in one famous automotive publications. In 2008, looking for a new car companion, he already knew that this would be the Sportwagon. Originally Denis from Belarus, but the local market of the Italian machines dismissed immediately. Alf average price in the country ranged in the range of $ 7500, and offered mostly something much worse for wear.

In those days it was still relevant import car from Europe, but suddenly found a nice piece in Minsk. Landscaped dark blue two-liter touring 2000 of release with mileage 83 500 km bribed excellent technical condition and a good bundle. “Well, that is not red” – thought Denis and agreed, pay for the car $ 9400.


The first year of ownership Alfa has managed without any investments. Used Alfa Romeo for the beginning of the two thousandth – is nonsense. Then the wagon, as well as any eight-car, used on a daily basis, began to regularly ask for a quality repair. However, the horrors attributed typically Alfa Romeo, not a speech.

Because of the distillation of St. Petersburg to Vitebsk on our glorious roads biggest expenses occurred in the suspension. Starting from the second year of ownership Denis each season changed arms in the front suspension. On the advice of the mechanics I used each time neoriginal Italian firm Vema (1500 rubles – upper arm, 3 000 – the bottom), but the “go” they long.

Engine power Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon
155 l. from.

In 2012, after meeting with a sensible master, Denis ordered the original levers (2 500 rubles – upper arm 5 000 – lower) and has since been a problem with them, it does not bother. The rear suspension has demanded intervention only twice. There were changes in leverage and a pair of silent blocks.

In 2012 Alfa took partial engine major repairs. All because of a year earlier knocked the oil pan and badly screwed servismenov when replacing the oil receiver. The car began to show an increased appetite for oil, and after a dynamic drive felled from the exhaust smoke. I had to sort through the cylinder head, and at the same time to change all the rings and liners.

Every 30 000 km Denis changes the timing. Belt drive and all related items cost about $ 150-200. Work on the replacement costs in the same amount.

Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon
Regular THAT the replacement of oil (Selenia – 5 liters) and the oil filter
4000 rubles
Air filter
1000 rubles
Cabin Filter coal
1000 rubles
Koni Sport shock absorbers with adjustable

Alfa Romeo is often blamed for the moody electronic stuffing. This instance in this respect is almost perfect. Dennis had to deal only with the burnt-block brakes (new assembly 100 000, so that the set b / y) and regularly burn out bulbs in the headlamps.

Price Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon in 2008
$ 9400

156th Denis From branded diseases encountered a sticky frost buttons of the front door and eternal “alfovskoy” problem: the lamp lights malfunction of airbags – the so-called “pregnant man”. In the case of the particular 156th all matter was in the slot located on the side supporting the driver’s seat. Denis localized problem, but has not eliminated until the end. Soldering the connector and computer Erasing mistakes is either to no avail.


Because of improvements in the Sportwagon – only suspension Koni Sport shock absorbers with adjustable. Denis put the settings on high rigidity and reduced clearance of 3 cm.


Denis gets pleasure from communication with the Alpha every day. Currently running wagon is 176 000 km.


The most immediate plans radiator replacement and complete repainting of the body. I have a friend up and down and is still a favorite after eight years, the car is not going to Denis. An adequate alternative to the 156th, he does not see.

model history

Heiress angular Alfa Romeo 155 made its debut at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show. At the core 156 lying considerably redesigned front-wheel platform of its predecessor, and became the main trump model design. Thanks to him in 1998. The rapid sedan cleverly disguised as a coupe with the help of hidden rear door handles, won the prestigious title of “Car of the Year.”

Alfa Romeo 156 ‘1997-2002

Universal added Sportwagon model range in 2000. Optionally it can be equipped with a rear self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension. Motor range consisted of in-line fours 1,6, 1,8 and 2,0 liters capacity of 120-155 liters. from. and V6 2,5, who developed 190 hp. from. At the top range reigned appeared in 2001. GTA version with 250-strong “six” 3.2. Selecting transmissions consists of mechanics, robot Selespeed automatic transmission and an optional version with a V6 2,5.

Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon ‘2000-2002

The model survived two restyling. Update 2002 brought a new interior and an expanded list of options. In 2003, Giorgetto Giugiaro forces was correct appearance. In 2004 he debuted all-wheel drive variants and Sportwagon Q4 Crosswagon Q4, the latest model is different bodywork in the off-road style. She stayed on the line until 2007. The remaining 156-e removed from production in 2005.

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