Cosmic spies. Five cars, similar to the UFO

Most recently, on July 5 automatic interplanetary station NASA entered into a polar orbit of Jupiter. The device “Juno” and “Juno” (eng. Juno), reached the gas giant for five years. It is equipped with everything necessary to make studies of the atmosphere of the planet and its gravitational and magnetic fields. In addition, the probe will determine whether those scientists are wrong who say that Jupiter has a solid core.

And now, dear reader, let’s imagine that as long as humanity sends research probes to other worlds, some of these worlds equips expedition to Earth. And, judging by some instances of “local” car industry, making it a long time. The idea for such retro-futurism became spies convenient screen. Let earthlings are far from alien technology, this did not prevent them to vent their homesickness in strange units to stupor. Add-on and dedicated to our traditional selection.

right “Flash”

French builder of “decorative” sedans, Soci? T? Industrielle de M? Canique et Carrosserie Automobile, or Simca, in 1959, presented a curious concept. Something called Fulgur (translated from Latin as “flash”) appeared at the Geneva Motor Show with a large gathering of people. The atmosphere in the halls was discharged, the microclimate is normal, therefore, the testimony of many witnesses are not confused.

All motorists as one argued that in front of them there was an unusual device: a low, streamlined body with silver, transparent cockpit-canopy and tail wings. According to conventional wisdom the legend, it was a car from 2000, equipped with a nuclear power installation and some of the ultrasonic control system – ie, Fulgur went strictly to the signal “beacon”. Having a classic four-wheel arrangement, the unit was able to move around and the two “legs”. To this end, its “underbelly” located gyroscope, which is activated if “Flash” picked up speed over 150 km / h.

Responsible for the creation of a strange car was Robert Opron, French designer and engineer (according to his file). He designed the “Flash” when he was only 26 years old. This shocking concept seriously impressed some avtopromyshlennikom, and soon on account of Monsieur Oprona included such models as the Citroen SM, GS and CX; Renault Fuego, 9, 11 and 25; as well as the sports car Alpine A310. As you can see, the concept Simca Fulgur was a great start to the designer’s career. But what happened to the “Car of 2000”, no one knows.


Lacking on board propulsion system, ie personal nuclear reactor, Simca Fulgur still moving in space. A year later, its premiere concept featured at the New York Auto Show, and in 1961 to the – at the Chicago Motor Show. And that’s not counting amateur photographs taken in different places! It seems that the potential of “Flash” has never been fully disclosed. I am glad that all meetings with Simca Fulgur ended in safely – accident involving a UFO that could turn into ruins just a few blocks …

Roadster Darth Vader

John Weitz in 1967 managed to lead the international list of the most well-dressed people, but often was the title of Hampton dining in the dust of the Le Mans race. Just the man was a fashion designer menswear and was able effectively to submit themselves, even if the morning started in the UK and in the evening – in the United States. In addition to tailoring, Weitz earned professional photography and scribbled tabloid detectives. In the past, he served as a US intelligence officer, so that this gentleman was about to tell. But once such a person can sicken glamorous life, bored, immerse yourself in the nostalgia. When the crisis came, Weitz decided to build a private car.

John Weitz and his roadster Weitz X600 on the race track Lime Rock June 23, 1980.

“I do not sew trousers, and you do not try to build cars!” – He shouted from the doorway John DeLorean, when Weitz turned to him for help, and put it out the door. In response, the couturier just shrugged, as I knew that the adepts of the higher mind, there are no barriers. He knew a lot about Weitz and machines: track racing, he taxied Allard J2X, and drove on highways in the Chevrolet Camaro Z28. This sports car, our hero and borrowed powertrains (V8 volume of 4.949 cm?). Sketches of the body he prepared for a long time, and the chassis for the cars of the future was cooked to order by the British company Mallalieu Engineering Limited.

Derry F. Mallalyu founded his manufactory in order to restore the vintage Bentley. It was a job for the soul rather than the purse, so eccentric order Weitz he performed exactly. Aluminum body formed by hand, optics transported from Italy, the paint was applied tenderly, in a plurality of layers. As a result, in the summer of 1979, John Weitz rolled in New York on a strange-looking roadster, the silhouette is slightly reminiscent of Austin-Healey 3000, but more like the fruit of evil due Batman and Darth Vader, weighing 1050 kg. So him and dubbed in the press. Weitz himself called his car indexed name itself – Weitz X600. He was particularly proud of his color, aubergine and black with a red border.


The 1979th couturier brought rustle among the bohemian New York. John is so often used his Weitz X600, that if admitted, if he is the main villain of Star Wars, he certainly would have believed! Despite the fact that many Weitz raced, he died quite a natural death, then stepped roadster studio-producer. But because Derry F. Mallalyu by that time, too, slept with the world, interest in this concept did not cause other engineers. For a long time he wandered on studio dusty corners, until the aircraft went to the museum in Cleveland, where he lost permanently. This UFO, no less!

Supersonic delivery service

Next subtitle looks like the name of some anime with magic and murder, but he is not too different from the original source – the concept Chevrolet Express. This copy was born under the influence of Syd Mead, there is no doubt. Design GM divisions too closely with this retro-futurism genius to succumb to his ideas. Sam Mead certainly inspired images that broadcast his heavenly masters of the constellation Dog, that was why they were so difficult to translate into metal. But his fans in the Chevrolet did not split hairs, and in 1987 brought the same concept to his assembly machines.

In fact, Chevrolet Express represents the next fantasy on the theme of the car of the future, with the only difference that this is the future might is about to occur. Therefore, it does not apply any transcendent technology – only that existed in the world at the moment. The machine is really impressive is its speed. A gas turbine engine AGM-5 mounted at the rear, helping the car to reach speeds of over 240 km / h, and its body was designed so that the duration of the load is not affected. The streamlined body made of carbon fiber with closed wheel arches allow the use of ground-effect, making the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance of the machine was a record 0,195 units! According to legend, in the future, such devices must navigate through the federal highways closed access and provide high-speed connection.

Get into the cabin for up to four people, could only lifting console combine the roof and windshield glazing. The second cover to swing in the same way, but on the side, allowing access to the engine compartment. Mirrors and other traditionally protruding parts Chevrolet Express had. Overview of the road was carried out with cameras that transmit images on three monitors, integrated into the dashboard. The main thing is that all of this to work, prophesying a new milestone in the development of the automotive industry.


Fully rideable prototype is not convinced the group management for mass production. And if not Hollywood, so to Chevrolet Express and ride on exhibitions but car dealerships until the end of days. But when the filmmakers needed to simulate the future of the city for the film “Back to the Future 2”, it was impossible to find a better car.

Remember, dear reader, the episode, where a descendant of Marty McFly crosses Courthouse Square and is almost under the wheels of futuristic cars? The blood of this character could be on our “Express”. then maybe it would be better to remember ?!

Secret “Merce”

Yes, yes, your pilot has a department and Mercedes-Benz. I do not know where he is: in the deep cellars of the Stuttgart office or Alpha Centauri, but there are plans to build a space. One such idea-fix engineering led in 1995 to the creation of the concept, which was to combine the dynamics and control of a motorcycle with the comfort of a passenger car.

Development of the project began with the computer simulation. Trike, named F300 Life Jet, is the first vehicle in the history of the concern Daimler AG, will serve as a test platform for software CASCADE. This simulation is possible to solve the main problem of the future of the machine – the slope of the front axle and the body at the time of the maneuvers. Side roll trike 30? I pick up most of the interior space, which greatly limited the designers.

As a result, built on a lightweight aluminum chassis (only 89 kg), the concept received a V-shaped body and three wheels to improve stability. Double cabin with ergonomic seating and seat belts allow the crew to stay comfortably, protected from the weather, and eliminates the need to put on a traditional outfit rider. At any time, the cab can be “depressurize” down the glass and removing the retractable roof in a special enclosure, which served as the trunk. Also in the cabin on-board computer and the air conditioning was provided.

The transformation of a closed car in the roadster was not the only surprise F300 Life Jet. The concept has been applied quite engineering solutions for dynamic, extreme driving. The basis of his management was the technology Active Tilt Control (Eng. Active Tilt Control, ATC). Special sensors are integrated into the chassis, assessed the situation and ensure the correct slope of the machine, using the data on its roll, speed, acceleration, steering angle and the position of the hydraulic drum, controlling the front axle cars. Special sensors were installed in the head optics, turning it into a system of active lighting. Electronics obediently followed the angle of rotation of the wheels, exclude the blind zone and reacted in the dark. For transport, which can accelerate to 211 km / h, this function was clearly excessive. Also shtutgrattsy together with third-party vendors have developed a concept for your specific tires (150/80 ZR16 – front and 190/50 ZR 17 – rear), which allowed to establish a big toe and camber angles of slip. In short, F300 Life Jet turned the device on the conscience!


Despite the positive results of the test track, the members of the Board of Daimler AG project wrapped. Trike F300 Life Jet flex its muscles at the Frankfurt Motor Show 1997, and joined the ranks of the brand exhibits in the museum. In part, this concept was the inspiration for the Smart model. Some of its technology, including light sensors and electro-transmission, were used in other models (for example, in W220 S-Classe).

wingless airplane

Such vehicles has decided to produce a California company Aptera Motors. In the early 2000s, it was founded by Steve Fembro – retired engineer robotics. The reason for the change of activity was simple: this man is very upset, that in the twenty-first century people still go to the petrol cart. No implements bold concepts of the 1950s, all follow an outdated scheme of the last century.

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No means for removal: Five countries pickups last

But in the light of the New pick-up he became a friend and associate of simple workaholic. This class of cars is already more than fifty years helps American artisans, farmers and couriers. In this society, such a machine has never been a luxury …

Dismissed from his job, Steve began to design their own original car, lightweight, durable, maneuverable and environmentally friendly. After making all the calculations Fembro found that for the production of his machine requires only some $ 150 million! The head of the engineer was in full swing on the plans, but the pockets were empty. Under the project, he tried to clear a grant from the Ministry of Finance of the United States, but there it was. Probably, the clerk seemed to be the next fool wants to try his luck in business, which have all been divided, and the newcomers pave sidewalks.

But Steve still was a man of modern times. Having on hand a computer with specialized software, he developed construction technology ultralight and durable hemispherical panels. Of these, the vehicle was made to the body weight and low aerodynamic resistance. For better optimization engineers chose the design trike. It cost less and is certified as a motorcycle, ie, a simplified program.

Having defined the strategy, Steve attracted to the project the necessary expertise. Jason Hill has worked in the design bureau of Porsche AG and Nate Armstrong collaborated with Metalcrafters firm that designed concept cars for the global car brands. The first prototype of enthusiasts cost in three years and $ 1 million, but it has caused a resonance in the IT field. This model came on the X-Prize Foundation race, the aim of which was the fact that the fastest race around the mountain. With a drag coefficient of 1.1 brainchild of Steve immediately destroyed the competition, earning at the same time once spent $ 1 million (this was a prize fund of races). Then the machine and called Aptera episode, which translated from Greek means “wingless”.

machine soon became interested in solid investors. Chinese holding Jonway Group, Google the Internet giant and other contributed more than $ 40 million on a pre-production prototype of the Aptera. Serial production of machines was appointed in 2008. Because the project had to be postponed until 2012, the crisis. When the storm was over, it turned out that people have forgotten the wingless airplane. Steve, who has become by Mr. Fembro, had to try to convince the customer to change your mind. His team has offered to release “Wingless” in two variations: the electric vehicle (Aptera 2e) and a hybrid diesel (Aptera 2h) with Kevlar-armored body and a roomy trunk. In the end, the guys easily collected 4 th. Paid pre-orders!


Despite the fact that the Aptera among our exhibits is the sole object, pushed into production, cosmic spirituality Steve Fembro gives him away. He’s an alien-recruiter, not otherwise! Therefore fear wingless airplanes, infesting California ….

Instead of an epilogue

The name that NASA has selected for your machine, full of mythological symbolism. Jupiter ancient Romans called their supreme god, whose image was borrowed from the Zeus of the Greeks. Last always had a free-minded and very conventionally treated such a thing as marital fidelity. To escape from his wife Hera, she is Juno, Thunder took the guise of someone else or yourself enveloped in mist. But these tricks first lady of Olympus to split the time. The same scientists hope to achieve from a space probe Juno. It is possible that he will be on forces to penetrate the dense veil of Jupiter. Who knows what will be there? It may, among other things, we will see some of our heroes, once disappeared without a trace?

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